Sunday Salon: Where I Disappeared To

So … I looked at my google calendar last week while I was away on vacation, and realized that I hadn’t updated this blog in over a month!

Really, it’s just an indication of all of the many things that I’ve let fall by the wayside since I moved over here to the UAE. School started and everything else just kind of melted into the background. It’s been super crazy and stressful (but also fun!) and I’ve just found myself with little-to-no time for leisure activities, orΒ  no energy to do them.

(Or, perhaps, not just leisure activities. Be thankful that you can’t see the state of my apartment right now.)

Anyways! Last week, I took a much-needed vacay during the Eid break, and dragged myself to Germany. Yes, Germany! The first time I’ve ever been to Europe. I went to visit my best friend Adele, who got married in the spring and had her first baby (Isabella!) in August, shortly after I moved over here to the sandbox. So I spent most of my week with her, and also went on a side trip for a day and a half to meet some distant family that I’d never really even heard of before. It was more fun than it sounds, actually.

So! Hopefully, in addition to cleaning up my house and getting my act together, and starting to eat some real food with regularity (instead of so much takeaway and junk) … I will be posting some reviews here soon. I’ve read/listened to quite a few books this month – after reading a grand total of ZERO books in September! – and can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.

Plus, you know, I really do miss you all. I should really go tackle my very scary-looking google reader. Although, in reality, I’ll probably just be hitting the “Mark As Read” button. So if there’s anything you really want me to see that’s happened in the last 2ish months, then leave me a link. πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Where I Disappeared To”

  1. I am so glad that you posted, I had started to worry that you had disappeared forever! A trip to Germany sounds very fun (I lived there during my junior year abroad) and I am glad you are settling in to life in the UAE. The one post you might be interested in of mine is about the 2012 Middle East Reading Challenge, but you might be “done” with that topic as well!

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