Sunday Salon: Brief Update

School’s started again for the second year here in the UAE, so this month has been (and will continue to be) rather hectic in my world. Today, I’m back in for the beginning of the second week with students at the school, and hopefully enough of them will show up for us to actually teach something this week. Last week was mostly a write-off, aside from setting up some routines and getting to know the names of the first few students.

My summer vacation adventure was fantastic, though also exhausting. I’m glad I did it, and got to see all the places that I saw, but I won’t be doing another trip quite that crazy again. I’m too old for it. And yet I’m already planning more travel for the remainder of the year. (On my next break, at the end of October, I’ll be going off for a long weekend trip to Beirut.) Very excited!

Also! Two weekends from now, I’ll be participating in Bloggiesta. For the last Bloggiesta, I was in Egypt with Amy … that feels like such a long time ago now. And I’ve got about a bazillion review posts to catch up on now for books that I’ve read, so it couldn’t come at a better time.

And now, I leave you with an adorable photo of the four foster kittens I’ve got kicking around in my house right now. As I type this, they’re each perched in a different spot (one on the arm of the couch I’m sitting on, one on the TV stand in front of the screen, one in the comfy chair across the room, and one in the corner on top of the majlis), but every once in a while, they’re close enough together that I can take a decent picture. Enjoy!

1 thought on “Sunday Salon: Brief Update”

  1. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to participate in bloggiesta, but I hope you get a lot of stuff done!

    The first weeks of starting up again are always the most difficult, I think. I’m sorry the last week was a write-off. And I hope enough students turn up next week!

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