Six Earlier Days (Review)

Book cover for "Six Earlier Days" by David Levithan.Title: Six Earlier Days

Author: David Levithan

Publication Year: 2012

Pages: 47

Genre: Fiction, Young Adult

Source: E-book borrowed from the public library

From the cover:

In Every Day, New York Times bestselling author David Levithan presented readers with his most ambitious novel to date: Every morning, A wakes up in a different body and leads a different life. A must never get too attached, must never be noticed, must never interfere.

The novel Every Day starts on Day 5994 of A’s life. In this digital-only collection Six Earlier Days, Levithan gives readers a glimpse at a handful of the other 5993 stories yet to be told that inform how A navigates the complexities of a life lived anew each day.

In Every Day, readers discover if you can truly love someone who is destined to change every day. In Six Earlier Days, readers will discover a little bit more about how A became that someone.

When I finished reading Every Day, I was sad. I was sad about the way that things worked out for the narrator, but I was also just plain old sad that it ended. I loved the way that Levithan created A, as a someone who had become morally upright despite never having to deal with the consequences of whatever they do during the day. Of never having to manoeuver long-term planning, goals, or life skills.

When you read this novella, treat it more as an extension of Every Day than as an independent work all on its own. It’s simply a continuation of the awesomeness, in my book.


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