Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together (Review)

Book cover for "Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together" by Bryan Lee O'Malley.Title: Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together

Author: Bryan Lee O’Malley

Publication Year: 2007

Pages: 216

Genre: Fiction, Graphic Novel

Source: Purchased from Book Depository

From the cover:

That’s right, folks! Put down the video game controller! Skip that rehearsal for your band! Make whatever sacrifices you must to those comic gods you hold so dear! Just make sure you’re ready because Bryan Lee O’Malley and Scott Pilgrim are back! Well, a couple months have passed since the last time we caught up with our intrepid hero, but what can change in a few short months? Well, not much has… Scott’s still living with his roommate Wallace Wells. He’s still playing in a mediocre rock band named Sex Bob-omb. And most importantly, he’s still dating the lovely Ramona Flowers while working his way through the gaggle of superpowered, superstylish, superevil ex-boyfriends determined to take him down. But something is different. Don’t look now, but Scott Pilgrim may actually be getting it together. And it’s a good thing, too, because Scott is about to confront Ramona’s most intimidating ex yet!

(This is the fourth book in the Scott Pilgrim series, after Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little LifeScott Pilgrim vs. The World, and Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness.)

The title of this volume is accurately named: Scott is really starting to get his life together in this one.

Up until this point, Scott has been unemployed, living in an apartment with his gay roommate Wallace (who pays the rent), sharing a futon on the living room floor, and basically living off of Wallace’s charity. In this volume, Scott finally starts to “get it” that he needs to get his butt in gear if he wants to keep Ramona as his girlfriend.

Knives Chau is still stalking Scott, but seems to be starting to take a slightly lower-key role after a major event around the middle of the volume. Another rather interesting character is introduced, though, explaining why Ramona keeps correcting Scott’s mention of her “evil ex-boyfriends” and saying her “evil exes”. It was a nice plot twist, definitely something that teenage (and early 20s men, particularly) would enjoy, but also just something that was nice to see in such a recent graphic series. We also start to learn more details about Ramona’s life before she moved to Toronto, and she starts to become more of a fleshed-out character and less of an empty shell.

I’m really starting to enjoy the video game-ness of the style now. It’s really fitting in well and carrying the tone of the books with it. I’m not sure if O’Malley just got better at using these elements or if it’s just that the story has progressed enough for them to make more sense, but whatever it is, I like it.

Scott Pilgrim as a series is still improving. If you got this far, keep going! And if you haven’t started yet, but are thinking about not starting because of the earlier lacklustre reviews: I think that, at this point, I would tell you to pick the series up from the beginning. Suck it up and deal with the flaws, because when you get this far, it really picks up. Especially if you’re into geeky manga-style graphic novels with fun elements of both realism and fantasy.


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