Reading Through Life has moved!

Hello everyone!

This is just a quick note to let you know that Reading Through Life has moved to a new location, on my own brand-spanking-new domain. The new URL is:

If you follow this blog through the FeedBurner RSS feed or by email, you don’t need to change anything – I have updated the feeds myself and delivery should continue seamlessly.

If you follow the blog through any other means – such as the non-FeedBurner RSS feed – you need to update your subscription/links.

The version of the site will stay up for a few weeks while everything changes over and propagates.

So please … take a look around my new home, and let me know what you think!

Note: The form to fill out on the giveaway post for The Book of Awesome is still functional and will add your entry to my spreadsheet regardless of which copy of the blog you use to sign up (the new post is here).

4 thoughts on “Reading Through Life has moved!”

  1. i also like the look of this new site better, it is more “accessible” regarding presentation as well as in overall format
    just some thoughts as i went through a similar change a few years back (free site conversion to personal domain)

    you may want to consider making changes to the old site if your overall goal is to drive traffic here until you decide to close that page permanently.

    I would suggest closing all comments on the page, and possibly altering the header image to indicate the new URL.

    this way, even old links to the page will allow people to see the new URL.

    lastly, think about removing all old posts as you have them here as well, leaving only the post advising the new site.. because you are using wordpress, you can manually move the comments from old post over and preserve the date timestamp info 🙂

    the last option is a lot of work, but since you only had six months under your belt prior, once you are done, you are formatted completely to WP and can transition easily if you ever need to do it again!

    1. Comments are already closed over there, and I’m going to take your advice and do the header thing with the new URL sometime today. 🙂

      When I moved all the old posts over here, the comments came with them, so that’s already taken care of. Thankfully, was also a wordpress blog, so all I had to do was export the blog there and import it here. The only thing is that the links between pages didn’t change themselves, so I have to go in and change those manually. I also lost some of the tags and categories, but that pre-dated the move – it was actually the straw that broke the camel’s back for me with, there were constantly things changing or being lost with no notice and no support to get them back.

      I’m glad this site’s more accessible! I was hoping everyone would like the look as much as I did when I found it. 🙂

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