Princess Bride Read-A-Long, Milestone 4

During the month of October, Chrisbookarama is hosting a read-a-long of The Princess Bride.

For this week’s milestone, we have read parts 7-8.

I really enjoyed these two chapters, but at the same time, they weren’t really as special as I was hoping for. Maybe that was because I saw the movie before I got to this part, with all of the adventure and swordfighting, and so it wasn’t the same reading it on the page as seeing it on the screen. Having said that, once I pushed past my preconceptions from the movie, I simply enjoyed the original text for what it was!

And what it is, in the end, is the same kind of cheesy, over-the-top fun as the rest of The Princess Bride has been. There is drinking! There is fighting! There is deception! There is an adventure through scary animals! There are miracles! There is “true love”! There is a priest-guy with a speech impediment!

I mean, really … how much more awesome could that be? It was fantastic being able to see and hear the characters in my mind, extrapolating from the scenes in the movie. I think it would have been just as fun to be reading it without the knowledge from the movie, making the images up as I went along. It’s just that kind of a book.

This is the first section where I actually started to like Buttercup. And I fell even more in love with the other characters – Westley, Inigo, and Fezzik – than I had already been. The narration has gotten slightly less parenthetical, which I really enjoyed earlier on in the book, but it’s still interesting and unique.

I cannot believe how much fun this read-a-long is. Seriously. How did I never read this book before now?!?

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