Princess Bride Read-A-Long, Milestone 3

During the month of October, Chrisbookarama is hosting a read-a-long of The Princess Bride.

For this week’s milestone, we have read part 6.

There wasn’t really all that much that happened in this section, to be honest. Unless you count lots of narrative about what parts have been “taken out” and some interesting exchanges between the father and son in the frame story. I really felt for the poor little guy – he wants the happy ending!

I wasn’t really all that excited about the details in this section, either. I can’t believe the stupidity of Buttercup – she really thinks that the Prince will help her bring Westley back to marry, even while continuing to plan for their own wedding? Even to the point of her asking for his help in writing the letter? Oy.

The scene where Fezzik and Inigo get back together was fun, though. I loved the rhyming!

Prince Humperdinck’s plan just seems silly: why would he go through all of these complications to have Buttercup marry him, if he’s just going to have her killed anyways? Why was it so important to him to marry her, to the point where (back in the beginning) he threatened her with death if he didn’t agree. Why couldn’t he just have picked someone else that would have caused less hassle? It’s not like he realized the country was going to fall quite so in love with her as they did, because that only happened after the failed kidnapping attempt.

Finally, I’m sad about the death of Westley – but I also watched the movie this afternoon with a visiting friend, so I know where the story is going now. I’m still having fun reading, though, because so much of it was cut or changed in the film!

What about your thoughts? Agree/disagree with me? If you’ve seen the movie before reading the book, was that a good thing or a bad thing for your reading experience?

9 thoughts on “Princess Bride Read-A-Long, Milestone 3”

  1. Well you are all about the readalongs, aren’t you? I admit I love them, too–nothing better than reading with a group of other supportive bloggers! I’m glad you’ll be joining us for The Odyssey and hopefully it’s not too daunting.

    One day I’d love to read The Princess Bride. It has been my favorite movie for over 20 years! 😉

    1. Somehow, I had never seen the movie until yesterday! I’ve gotten really into the concept of read-a-longs, especially for longer, intimidating works that I might never get to on my own. The Odyssey is definitely one of those!

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