Princess Bride Read-A-Long, Milestone 2

During the month of October, Chrisbookarama is hosting a read-a-long of The Princess Bride.

For this week’s milestone, we have read part 5.

I really wanted to start with this: I’m still absolutely loving the parenthetical commentary!

In this part, I also really enjoyed learning more about the backstory on some of the characters. I even loved the “bad guys”! Well, with the exception of the guy who died of poisoning, he was just mean. He wasn’t even all that nice to his own henchmen! In some ways, I wish that we could have seen more about some of the characters, in particular the ten years of sword training, and I definitely wish that we had gotten more detail on the background of Westley. Okay, so he was on a pirate ship and “became” the Dread Pirate Roberts … that still doesn’t explain how he learned to fence so well!

Also, why didn’t Westley give Buttercup some kind of advance notice? I kind of saw it coming, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. But a lot of this trouble could have been avoided if he had just sent her a message or something. Or yelled up to her from the cliff, so she knew what was coming for her and stopped being so worried!

I’m very sad that Buttercup didn’t choose to stay with him and has chosen, instead, to stay with the Prince of Crazy. I mean, I know that she’s only marrying him because he threatened to kill her, but still. I really hope that she’s got something up her sleeve and they’ll somehow get back together soon.

This book is so great! I can’t believe that I’ve never read it before.

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