Below, you can find information on my policies for book reviews, commenting, and giveaways/contests. If you have any questions that haven’t been covered here, feel free to contact me.

Book Reviews

I have reviewed every book read since just before the start of 2010 on this blog. At the top of each review, I clearly state where the book has come from – currently, most of the books that I review are review copies and ones that I have bought myself for my personal library.

To get an idea of the types of reviews that I write, check out my review archive. I cross-post all of my reviews to my LibraryThing account.

Want me to review a book?

Unfortunately, I am unable to accept review copies at this time.

If you would like me to review a book, participate in a blog tour, or conduct an interview, feel free to contact me. I do not promise to review every book that you offer to me, but if I accept the book, it will be reviewed at some point on this blog.

I generally need at least a week to read a book and review it, but would prefer more lead time in most cases since I usually have other things on my plate as well. If at all possible, I try to post my review on the release date of the book. If that is not possible, I try to post my review as soon afterwards as I can manage.

I accept books in most formats. My first preference is for a physical copy of the book (finished copy or ARC). I also accept books in e-formats that are compatible with a Kobo reader. I do not review books that I am only able to access online. 

In general, I do not accept or review self-published books or books that have been sent without first contacting me to find out if I am interested.

Reading Preferences

I generally tend to enjoy:

  • Non-fiction (particularly related to sexuality, ADHD, current affairs, Islam, feminism, sustainability, and education)
  • Historical fiction
  • Dystopian fiction
  • Literary fiction
  • Young adult (particularly realistic fiction and high-interest, low-vocabulary works aimed at reluctant adolescent readers)
  • Canadian fiction and non-fiction

I do not generally read:

  • Christian fiction
  • Romance
  • Self-published works
  • Picture books

You can also take a look at the contents of my library to get an idea of the types of books that I enjoy.


I try my best to respond to most comments on my blog, particularly ones that are discussion-oriented. I generally approve all comments that have been made, but reserve the right not to approve any comments that I find offensive or that are not conducive to maintaining a positive atmosphere. Even if I do not respond to a comment, I always read them!

I consider this space to be as much a part of my home as my kitchen or living room. Therefore, it is my expectation that any visitors will also treat it as such, with the online equivalent of taking off your shoes at the door and respecting the people who live there.


From time to time, I may hold a giveaway or contest on this blog. Unless otherwise stated, giveaways and contests are open internationally, to anywhere that The Book Depository ships, and winners are generally chosen by

Unless I have stated otherwise in the giveaway/contest post, all prizes are provided from me, independent of any publishers or other sources.