Plan the Perfect Wedding on a Small Budget (Review)

Book cover for "Plan the Perfect Wedding on a Small Budget" by Elizabeth and Alex Lluch.Title: Plan the Perfect Wedding on a Small Budget

Author: Alex and Elizabeth Lluch

Publication Year: 2011

Pages: 300

Genre: Non-Fiction

Source: Purchased from Coles

From the cover:

For the millions of engaged couples who are trying to plan their weddings on smaller budgets, comes the newest wedding planning book from America’s top wedding experts. The tips, inspiration, ideas and planning advice in this book will prove that couples can have a beautiful, personal, memorable wedding for $10,000 or less — less than half of the national average.

This book features:

  • Complete wedding planning information with a focus on money-saving tips, pitfalls to avoid, and DIY ideas for all aspects of the wedding
  • Features the weddings of 13 real couples who planned and executed beautiful weddings on budgets of $2,000 to $10,000, including their advice, budget breakdowns, and full color photos of their weddings

No matter the size of their wedding budgets, readers will be inspired by these lovely real weddings, all with budgets of $10,000 and under.

This was the first book that I picked up and read after Zaid and I got engaged. I wanted ideas on how to come up with a beautiful wedding that didn’t cost a fortune, and I hoped that this book would help me with that.

On that front, I have to say that this book was a bit of a disappointment, though not completely. It absolutely gave ideas as to how you could keep costs down, and these information sections were lovely and helpful. Unfortunately, the ideas that were given were pretty much the same as the “budget-friendly” tips given in so many other books; I’ve read two other books and a ton of online articles since then, and none of the ideas in this book were particularly unique or creative.

The other thing that I was most looking forward to in Plan the Perfect Wedding on a Small Budget were the “real” stories of the couples’ weddings featured in the book. For each of the couples, there was a small section where one of them (usually the bride) wrote their personal story and how they decided how their wedding would go and what they would save and splurge on. The idea of this was great, but – as in the rest of the book – the execution left quite a bit to be desired. There was usually somewhere between one and three pictures accompanying the story, and they often didn’t really give much of an indication as to what the final wedding was like. And while there were some specifics included – for example, the websites of photographers they used – there were other details that were sorely lacking. Without a better level of detail, or at least more specific tips as to how they made these budget-friendly decisions work, the stories weren’t all that useful to me as a reader or a planner of my own wedding.

You might have a different experience with this book than I did; perhaps I was simply looking for something too specific, or that was beyond the actual purview of this book. But as it stands, I would recommend Plan the Perfect Wedding on a Small Budget as a possible supplementary read in your wedding adventure, but definitely not as the One Book You Will Need. There are other, better books out there for all-around wedding planning advice, and the niche that this book purports to fulfill simply isn’t served well in this case.


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