Once Upon A Readathon: Day One

Today is the start of the 2nd annual Once Upon A Readathon, hosted by Reading Angel, Candace’s Book Blog, and Pure Imagination. It runs from 12:01 am July 11th (today) until 11:59 pm on July 13th.

Now, I’m really hoping that I’ll actually be able to stick to this readathon! I’ve started a few readathons in the past month or two, and then kinda petered out after the first few hours or even not managed to start anything. So I’m keeping a low profile but trying to get some reading done.

How’d I do today?

I read a few chapters of The Translator (Leila Aboulela) and listened to a bit of Sweet Dates in Basra (Jessica Jiji). I’m starting off slowly, it seems, but I’m blaming a little of that on being at the tail end of a summer cold.

What’m I planning on doing tomorrow?

The only real commitment I have on Tuesday is a lunch date with my roommate as part of Summerlicious. Aside from that, I’m planning to try to get a bunch of reading and listening done! Hopefully I’ll at least finish The Translator and maybe another short book.

Are you doing the readathon? Let me know and I’ll try to stop by and visit!

1 thought on “Once Upon A Readathon: Day One”

  1. I’m approaching the readathon much the same way you are! I’ve had to work yesterday and today, but so far I have managed to finish Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, which I loved and have now started three different books! My update post will hopefully be up tonight, as my internet had a stroppy fit and refused to work when I was trying to post last night! Good luck with the reading today! I wish all I had to do today was read 🙂

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