Obsidian Butterfly (Review)

Book cover for "Obsidian Butterfly" by Laurell K. Hamilton.Title: Obsidian Butterfly

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

Publication Year: 2000

Pages: 386

Genre: Fiction, Horror, Mystery

Source: Borrowed from the public library

From the cover:

In her ninth adventure, vampire hunter Anita Blake owes a favor to a friend – a man almost as dangerous as the ancient evil she’s about to face.

(This is the ninth book in the Anita Blake series, after Guilty PleasuresThe Laughing CorpseCircus of the DamnedThe Lunatic CafeBloody BonesThe Killing DanceBurnt Offerings, and Blue Moon.)

The focus of this book is back on solving crimes instead of on Anita’s romantic relationships, which was a positive thing. That’s when I like her best, to be honest – when she’s working on cases and trying to solve preternatural crimes. I also really, really loved the focus on Edward in this book. He was a character that I wanted to learn more about, and we definitely get the chance in Obsidian Butterfly. Meeting his “family” and the other assassins he works with – Bernard and Olaf – was also a rather interesting experience. It was such a shift from the do-gooder characters that otherwise populate the series.

I didn’t personally love the vampire-who-thinks-she’s-a-goddess subplot, but it was still well done. It’s an original idea that hasn’t been done yet in the series, so there’s that. It’s just not my personal cup of tea.

Obsidian Butterfly was a great throwback to the first book in the series, where it focuses mostly on Anita, her ability to solve crimes involving supernaturals, and as little contact between her and the “monsters” as is possible for them to help her when needed. Not my favourite Anita Blake book, but not a bad one, either.


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