November Round-Up

This month was a bit crazy in terms of my “real life”, but blogging was rather calmer.

I finished off my teaching placement in the first two weeks of November, and then the person whose maternity leave I was covering returned. Right the next morning, I was on a flight out to Vancouver to visit with my partner, who moved out there for work back in September! I had a really hard time deciding what books to bring with me, but ended up with this assortment of reading material for the trip.

While I was in Vancouver, I read a lot less than I normally would, but I also got some much-needed relaxation and time with Zaid. I tried my best to be “good” and stop myself from buying too many books, but I couldn’t help drooling over MacLeod’s Books down the street. One night, we walked past a hobbit house – sadly, the picture isn’t great since it was in the dark, but you can still tell how cute it must be during the day! And, during the week, I finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and was really distraught that I wouldn’t be able to find out what happened – so Zaid bought me the last HP book for our anniversary (he wrote in the front and everything). On the last day of my trip, Zaid and I went to the airport together; we’re now both back in Toronto for good, though we took different planes to get here.

Since then, I’ve spent a week supply teaching (daily stuff, at a bunch of different schools), and am now back for a while at my previous school as a guidance counsellor. Not sure how long that will last – could be just this week, or it could be until Christmas or beyond.

Over the past week, I’ve been starting to think about reading challenges that I might want to join in 2011, and have started to decide on a direction for next year’s reading patterns. I want to be a bit more conscious of the reading choices that I’m making, and also try to work on getting through a lot of my unread books on the shelves in the apartment instead of buying quite so many new books.

Also this week, I found myself looking at the bias in top 100 book lists, though some of my arguments could have been explained a little bit better. I’m still hoping to hear about what other people think about this!

Here are some quick links to blogger interviews I posted this month, in case you missed them:

And finally, you can see what I read this month below.

I had a fantastic time reading this month, and hope that you did, too!

What did I read this month?

Click on the book cover to see the review post for each title.

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  1. Congratulations on a superb reading month! That’s so sweet to receive a book with a message written inside. I love getting those kinds of gifts, too 🙂 Good luck on any challenges you enter for 2011!

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