Musing Monday: Borrowed Books

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Today’s Musing Mondays post is about borrowed books.

Where do you keep any books borrowed from friends or the library? Do they live with your own collection, or do you keep them separate? Do you monitor them in any way?

Honestly, I don’t borrow books very often. I know that sounds horrible, but really, I have¬†somehow accumulated hundreds of (mostly free) books on my own shelves already that I haven’t read, so why borrow more?

If it’s something that I really want to read, that I don’t already own, I usually buy it. The only time I borrow books from the library is if it’s a book I just want to flip through, or that I want to look at before deciding whether to buy it, or if it’s something that I wouldn’t normally read but which has somehow caught my interest and I’m not sure that I’ll like it.

I also rarely borrow books from friends, often because we have the same books, but otherwise because if they recommend something strongly enough for me to read it, I just go out and buy it. This is apparently how I’ve got a monthly book budget larger than my yearly clothing budget. *impish grin*

But I digress.

When I do borrow books from a friend or the library, I typically keep them on my bedside table or a shelf nearby so that they’re out in the open. If I put them into something, like a drawer or a bookshelf with my other books, chances are that I’ll forget it’s there, or I’ll forget that I need to read it and return it, or whatever. That’s definitely happened with library books before, and I’ve ended up paying late fines (or fines to replace entire books) that could easily have been avoided. With friends, if I put their book(s) into my shelves, I’m always running the risk of forgetting that the book isn’t mine, and just leaving it in the bookshelf for the rest of eternity.

Pretty sure that’s where my copy of No Logo came from, actually.

2 thoughts on “Musing Monday: Borrowed Books”

  1. someone asked me recently why to went to the library when I have so many, hundreds, in my TBR piles.
    what can I say. I read a great review and I want to read THAT one…and if the library has it and it will be free, how can I not. Those other books will still be there when I get to them. They are not going bad or something….lol

  2. The budget was what got me going to the library years ago! I still go crazy but this way my budget survives. If I borrow a book from a friend, I read it right away to get it back to them.

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