Micah (Review)

Book cover for "Micah" by Laurell K. Hamilton.Title: Micah

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

Publication Year: 2006

Pages: 288

Genre: Fiction, Novella, Mystery, Erotica

Source: Borrowed from the public library

From the cover:

Vampire hunter Anita Blake is called on to raise the dead – while trying to suppress her ever-growing feelings for a certain wereleopard.

(This is a novella in the Anita Blake series, after Guilty PleasuresThe Laughing CorpseCircus of the DamnedThe Lunatic CafeBloody BonesThe Killing DanceBurnt OfferingsBlue MoonObsidian ButterflyNarcissus in ChainsCerulean Sins, and Incubus Dreams.)

The last few books in the series have really been delving more into the supernatural – and the erotic – side of things, and away from Anita’s roots as an animator/necromancer. I really liked that this novella brings back that side of her, reminding us of where the series began. It’s an adventure in a cemetery, feeling almost nostalgic for the early novels, but with some twists thrown in as Anita’s powers have grown and are sometimes … unpredictable.

There’s the seemingly always-present (in the latter part of the series) sex scene between Anita and Micah on their first trip away together, but what I found the most interesting was the conversations between them and the way that their dynamic is explored in this novella. Usually, Anita and Micah’s relationship seems to happen “off-screen”, so it’s nice to get a little glimpse into that part of their lives.


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