Men of the Otherworld (Review)

Book cover for "Men of the Otherworld" by Kelley Armstrong.Title: Men of the Otherworld

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Publication Year: 2009

Pages: 384

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy

Source: E-book borrowed from the public library

From the cover:

As a curious six-year-old, Clayton didn’t resist the bite — he asked for it. But surviving as a lone child-werewolf was more than he could manage — until Jeremy came along, taught Clayton how to straddle the human-werewolf worlds, and introduced him to the Pack. So begins this tantalizing volume featuring three of the most intriguing members of the American Pack — a hierarchical founding family where bloodlines mean everything and each day presents a new, thrilling, and often deadly challenge. For as he grows from a wild child to a clever teen who tests his mentor at every turn, Clayton must learn not only to control his animal instincts but to navigate Pack politics — including showing his brutal archnemesis who the real Alpha is.

(This is a collection of short stories that accompanies the Women of the Otherworld series.)

I absolutely loved the Women of the Otherworld series. One of the things I loved was that it was narrated by a string of strong, confident female narrators. I also liked the brief bits that were narrated by “their men”. And there were allusions to all kinds of interesting backstory bits – like Clay becoming a bitten werewolf as a child – that were never really explained in the series itself.

While the stories in Men of the Otherworld didn’t really encompass all of the men – just a few of those in the werewolf Pack – it gave some insight into important events in the backgrounds of Clay, Jeremy, and Malcolm (Jeremy’s father). It explained a lot of the context, and in the case of Clay, at least, helped me to understand and like him better in the rest of the series.

Definitely pick up this collection if you enjoyed the series overall. It’s a great addition.


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