May Round-Up

After the craziness that was the month of April, including a record-setting number of books read, May seems in some ways to have been a lot more laid-back. On the other hand, it was also the month of crazy weather (including softball in the rain, snow, and sun), an outdoor activity day at school, working on my math additional qualification course in crazy earnest-ness, and coming up with culminating assignments for both of the classes I’m teaching … ones worthy of being 30% of their final grade.

This month was also host to Armchair BEA, which I participated in to the best of my ability and availability. Here are the links to the different ArmchairBEA-related posts that I made throughout that week:

This was also apparently the month of features for me. Here are the posts:

This one isn’t really a feature, but I posted pictures and explanations of my immediate-TBR-piles because of Booking Through Thursday last week as well.

Just this past weekend, right after Armchair BEA, I went on a trip to Ottawa to participate in Race Weekend and visit friends. I ran the 5k on Saturday evening – a distance that I haven’t done before, which is odd since last year I ran an 8k and two 10k races, including the 10k in Ottawa last year. Oh, well. I haven’t been training pretty much at all, so just being able to finish the 5k was a good enough reward for me. It’s also reminded me that I really need to get back into running regularly, because I miss the adrenaline and the awesome feeling that I get after the end (though not the craptastic feeling that I get in the middle when my body tries to tell me to stop).

Ah well.

Next month, I’m hoping to get more reading time in than I did in May, but I honestly doubt it will happen. Between culminating activities and exams at school, birthdays and baseball on weekends, and finishing up my math qualification course by the end of the month, I’m going to be pretty swamped. It’s also my 25th birthday next week, though, so I’m trying not to stress out too much about it!

Speaking of my 25th birthday, have you entered my Book of Awesome giveaway yet? It closes at midnight on June 30th.

Have a great June!

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