March Round-Up

March has been both really fast-paced and really slow for me.

Work has definitely gotten more upbeat. I have more students this semester than last, which means that I have more time at work actually spent working than before (which is generally good … I feel guilty and bored otherwise). I’ve been finishing up a librarianship course, which will be absolutely over as soon as I finish the research paper (aka “inquiry project”) that I’m currently working on. And it’s been absolutely nuts around my house, largely but not completely due to a definitely need for massive cleaning.

In other ways, this month has slowed down and relaxed a bit. I went away to the Dominican Republic for a week over March Break. This was fantastic and much-needed – I came back with a tan, a smile, and tons more vitamin D stores to keep me in a significantly better mood since then. It also gave me time to think about not much except just taking care of myself, and time to sit on the beach with a book and not worry that I had other things to take care of.

I spent way more evenings and even full days this month on “just reading” than I have in a very long time. This is part of why I’ve managed to read more books this month than other months this year so far.

It’s starting to get warmer here, so I’m also starting to get more into outdoor things and back into geocaching, which we mostly gave up for the winter. So even though reading now has competition for my time, it still seems to be going up the list of priorities in general.

So all in all … things are good!

What did I read this month?

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What did I receive for review this month?

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