Louise de la Valliere (Review)

Book cover for "Louise de la Valliere" by Alexandre Dumas.Title: Louise de la Valliere

Author: Alexandre Dumas

Narrator: Simon Vance

Publication Year: 1847

Pages: 768 (audio length: 23 hours 9 minutes)

Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction

Source: Audiobook version purchased from Audible.com

From the cover:

As part of the d’Artagnan Romances following The Three Musketeers and Twenty Years After, and devoted in large part to romantic events at the court of France’s King Louis XIV, Louise de La Valliere is the second part of Alexandre Dumas’s 268 chapter novel The Vicomte de Bragelonne: Ten Years Later, which first appeared in serial form between 1847 and 1850. Filled with behind-the-scenes intrigue, the novel brings the aging Musketeers and d’Artagnan out of retirement to face an impending crisis within the royal court of France.

Louise de la Valliere is the fourth book in the D’Artagnon Romances, after The Three MusketeersTwenty Years After, and The Vicomte de Bragelonne.

Probably the highlights of this book were the intrigue between La Valliere and the King and the one involving Aramis and the Bastille. It’s really still just a setup for the final events to come, but it was still far better and more interesting than The Vicomte de Bragelonne was. At least things were happening, and not just threatening to happen!

I think that, by the time I had gotten around to this book, I was just getting bored of the characters. I had actually read The Man in the Iron Mask first and then went back to read the rest of the series, so this was the last installment for me … and it just got to be too much. Maybe it would’ve been better if I had been reading the paper version and not listening to the (very long) audiobooks, but I don’t know. The only consoling thing was that Simon Vance was back to narrate this volume, so it was lighter on the ears.

I did find Louise and Louis irritating, to be honest. I kept hoping that something bad would happen to them. This might have been exacerbated by my knowing what was going to happen between them in the last installment. But still. They just irked me.


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