Literacy Links (July 11-18, 2010)

Quick hits for this week:

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  1. erisian23 says:

    really enjoyed the smithsonian link, tough i wish they would have gotten more in depth on the topic of books and less “text in general”

    • Carina says:

      Me, too! I’m enjoying that there are more and more articles coming out exploring this topic, though. Maybe one day, we’ll get one that devotes a bit more time to “books” specifically.

  2. Corey Heller says:

    What a fabulous blog! I just noticed that you linked to one of the posts on Multilingual Living – thank you! It is no surprise that reading to our children is one of the best ways to help raise them bilingually (plus it is a TON of fun)! Right now we are in week three of our Language Challenge 101 and reading is a big element of it. We chose Spanish as our challenge language. The best part of it all is reading my favorite books from childhood to my kids in Spanish. I love an excuse to read kids books (in any languages).

    Warm Wishes,

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