Last Sacrifice (Review)

Book cover for "Last Sacrifice" by Richelle Mead.Title: Last Sacrifice

Author: Richelle Mead

Publication Year: 2010

Pages: 608

Genre: Fiction, Young Adult, Fantasy

Source: E-book version borrowed from the public library

From the cover:

Murder. Love. Jealousy. And the ultimate sacrifice.

The Queen is dead and the Moroi world will never be the same. Now, with Rose awaiting wrongful execution and Lissa in a deadly struggle for the royal throne, the girls find themselves forced to rely upon enemies and to question those they thought they could trust. . . .

But what if true freedom means sacrificing the most important thing of all?

Each other.

(This is the sixth and final book in the Vampire Academy series, after Vampire AcademyFrostbiteShadow KissBlood Promise, and Spirit Bound.)

There were things about this book that I liked, and things that I really kinda didn’t.

I liked the focus on the mystery of who had killed the Queen, moving away from the somewhat melodramatic issues that had started to take over the story before this point. It was kind of nice to have a plot point with a sense of possibilities and not being sure about what would happen, because until now, it had started to get a bit predictable. I also, for the most part, liked the focus on some new and different characters: for example, I really liked the Keepers, seeing a different side to how vampires and dhampirs might live if they chose not to accept the royalty system.

In some ways, I didn’t like the shift towards more of Sydney. I still found her a bit annoying in this book, though I realize that she was being fleshed out a bit more for the shift to the next “series” within the universe. I have to admit that I didn’t actually start to like her much until I read Bloodlines.

Overall, though, I think that Last Sacrifice was a pretty strong ending for the series. I’m glad that the main characters are continuing on – although in a diminished capacity – in the Bloodlines parallel series, because otherwise I’d have been sad that their story was over so quickly. So definitely, if you enjoyed the Vampire Academy series, then you need to go on and start the one that centers around Sydney and Adrian as well. You’ll love them equally.


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