July Round-Up

I can’t believe that July is over already. It feels like I’ve barely started my summer “holiday”, and yet … I don’t feel like I’ve gotten much done, either! I noticed around mid-month that I was lagging in the reading department – largely because I was spending so much time sleeping to make up for all the nights I didn’t sleep much during the school year – so I ended up kicking it into high gear and finishing with my highest monthly total for the year so far!

Sadly, though the Summer Slimdown is in gear, and I’ve gotten through some books for it, I’ve bought more books than I thought I would, already. Never mind the ones I got for review. <sigh>

On a high note, I’ve had a lot of time to put into cleaning and organizing my house (I am close to having a fully-functioning office-slash-library now!), as well as into organizing next month’s Ramadan Reading event here on the blog. I can’t believe that Ramadan’s coming up in about a week, I feel completely unprepared! I’ve picked up a couple Middle Eastern cookbooks, though, and one of my goals for Ramadan is to try cooking a few new dishes that I’ve loved in restaurants or elsewhere, but that I’ve never made from scratch. That should be fun.

Here are some quick links to the blogger interviews I posted this month, in case you missed them:

And finally, you can see what I read, reviewed, bought, and otherwise received this month below. I had a fantastic time reading this month, and hope that you did, too!

What did I read this month?

Click on the book cover to see the review post for each title. (Note: The links for “Where the Streets Had A Name” and “Ten Things I Hate About Me” will not work until the reviews are posted in August, as part of the Ramadan Reading theme month.)

What did I buy this month?

Click the book cover to see details for the book on Amazon.

What did I receive for review this month?

(from a contest or otherwise)

Click the book cover to see details for the book on Amazon. Note: The last three were for ARC tours, and have thus been sent on their way now.

What did I receive as a “swap” this month?

Click the book cover to see details for the book on Amazon.

4 thoughts on “July Round-Up”

  1. I can’t believe I missed out on your idea for Ramadan Reading, I’m looking forward to it!

    Is it your first time practising Ramadan? Or won’t you be? I think I would be nervous, the thing that always made me think I couldn’t do it is that you can’t drink throughout the day. I have low blood pressure and I think I would faint!

    1. This will be my second time practising Ramadan. I converted last year a couple weeks before it started. The water thing is hard at first, but actually gets easier – and since Ramadan moves 10 days earlier every year, eventually it won’t be in the summer anymore, so the days will be shorter and (more importantly) cooler. As long as I don’t get too physically active throughout the daylight hours, it isn’t quite as bad; I just have to make sure to drink enough before and after to make up for it and stay hydrated.

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