How (not) to pack books for a trip

Two weeks ago:

I should really start thinking about what books to bring with me to Vancouver. I don’t want to carry too much weight, so I should probably read mostly on my Kobo. Oh well, I’m too busy, I’ll do it later.

A week ago:

I’ve still got lots of time. Plus, it’s been super stressy at work lately, and I’ve got a lot to mark, and things going on in my personal life, and I don’t know what I’ll finish reading by then. So it still has to wait.


Hmm, I still have to pick books to bring. But I just started the next Harry Potter book, and I don’t want to carry something that heavy with me. But I don’t want to leave it. Okay, must read as much as I can before I go. Maybe I can finish it. We’ll see tomorrow what needs to be packed.

This afternoon:

Shit. Haven’t packed yet. Still need to do laundry, never mind pick books to take along with me. Oh, and marks were due at school today and we had a staff get-together at a pub around the corner for my last day of work. So I guess I’ll be working on laundry, packing, and choosing books after I get home.

Now. ETA at the airport in 6 hours:

Laundry is about to be finished, and then I can pack and try to have a nap before catching the Airport Express bus. Still haven’t decided what books to bring, but at least I have an idea of where I am in the various things that I’m currently reading. Will probably end up carrying way more weight in books than I wanted to, plus my Kobo and the audiobook I just started a couple days ago.

6 thoughts on “How (not) to pack books for a trip”

  1. i would have just packed my indle and called it good.
    for some reason i never get any reading done on trips..

    it is lame, so i would just go the easy route.

    so far as the marking goes, EVERYONE GETS an ‘A’!

    congratulations everone!

    1. I don’t always like to read on the Kobo, I prefer paper books most of the time. As for the kids, though … those who handed these last couple of assignments in are pretty much the only ones getting their credit!

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