High Summer Read-A-Thon

This week, Michelle at The True Book Addict is hosting the High Summer Read-A-Thon! It starts today (July 25th) and runs through Sunday (July 31st). I’m going to be trying to participate as much as possible, in between the last throes of packing and preparation for my move to the UAE.

There probably won’t be a lot of readathon-specific posting (or participating in mini-challenges) for me, but I will definitely be participating in general!

In particular, I’m going to be working like a madwoman through my ginormous TBR pile for next month’s theme posts here as part of the 2nd annual Ramadan Reading. I’ll also be trying to participate in the #HSreadathon twitter chat.

Here are some of the books that are coming up next in my pile, or that I’ve already started:

  • Stranger to History: A Son’s Journey Through Islamic Lands by Aatish Taseercompleted on Monday
  • The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
  • Footnotes in Gaza by Joe Sacco
  • What I Believe by Tariq Ramadan
  • Allah, Liberty, and Love: The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom by Irshad Manji
  • The Muslim Next Door: The Qur’an, the Media, and That Veil Thing by Sumbul Ali-Karamali
  • On Shifting Ground: Muslim Women in the the Global Era edited by Fereshteh Nouraie-Simone
  • The Jew is Not My Enemy: Unveiling the Myths that Fuel Muslim Anti-Semitism by Tarek Fatah
  • Minaret by Leila Aboulela
  • Who Speaks for Islam?: What a Billion Muslims Really Think by John L. Esposito and Dalia Mogahed

I don’t think I’ll make it through all 10 of these books, but I’m going to make my best effort to attempt it!

How about you? What are your plans for the read-a-thon? Or for the next week, if you’re not participating?

3 thoughts on “High Summer Read-A-Thon”

  1. Hi Carina, I just realized that I never officially welcomed you to the read-a-thon. I thought I had everyone in the linky for the starting line, but your post wasn’t there. I try to remind everyone that signed up to be sure to sign in at the starting line and wrap up at the end to be eligible for the participant giveaway. Also, having a starting line linky helps me know who is actually doing the read-a-thon since some people sign up and then can’t do it after all. Anyhoo, I hope you’re enjoying it so far. If you go to my blog (http://thetruebookaddict.blogspot.com/) there are quick links to the starting line and mini-challenge posts at the top of the post section (just below the slide show). Sorry that I missed checking with you sooner. Now that you’ve finished The Kite Runner, can’t wait to see what you’re reading next. 🙂

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