Halloween Read-A-Thon: My Progress, and a Mini-Challenge!

This weekend – October 15th to October 17th – Lesley over at YA Books Reviewed is hosting a Halloween Read-A-Thon! The goal for this weekend? “read Halloween themed stuff. Not necessarily with the day of Halloween, or even the month. None of that (unless you want to). What I am thinking is examples like this: vampires, ghosts, witches, werewolves, shifters, immortals, urban legends, zombies, anything horror or paranormal related.”

Since I’ve been planning for a while to read and review some Halloween-ish themed books for the week of Halloween (coming up, from October 25th – 31st), this is a great opportunity for me to get a little bit ahead of myself!

Here’s what I’ll be trying to read this weekend:

  • The Wizard, the Witch, & Two Girls from Jersey by Lisa Papademetriou
  • Vampires: Encounters with the Undead edited by David J. Skal
  • Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne-Jones
  • A New Dawn: Your Favorite Authors on Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series edited by Ellen Hopkins
  • Body Snatchers, Stiffs and Other Ghoulish Delights by Frederick Drimmer

I probably won’t get through them all, but I should get through some!

As well, I’m participating as a mini-challenge host! At the end of the weekend, I’ll be drawing a winner using random.org, who will receive a supernatural-themed book of their choice from Book Depository (up to a value of $15 Canadian).

Mini-Challenge: Halloween Treats

When I went trick-or-treating as a kid, I always went with my younger siblings – at first just my brother, then later my sister and then a second one. As soon as I was old enough to be considered “responsible”, my siblings and I would walk up to front doors together, while my parents (or just one of them) followed along with us on the sidewalk or (on colder years) in the car.

We used to carry around these cute little orange plastic jack-o-lantern shaped buckets (exactly like the picture on the right!) that we would get candy in, which we loved because they made fantastic rattling noises when there was candy inside! My parents, who were trying to get us the “best” Halloween experience possible, would periodically empty out our little buckets into a centralized bag in the car, which we would share equally once we got home.

There were always certain kinds of treats, though, that each of us preferred, and would try our hardest to trade for!

For this mini-challenge, I want you to think back to your time trick-or-treating, and tell me what “treat” you wanted most to get on your ramblings! What treat would you have traded the rest of your haul for?

You can answer in the comments below, or answer on your own blog and leave the link in the comments.

Enjoy the read-a-thon!

37 thoughts on “Halloween Read-A-Thon: My Progress, and a Mini-Challenge!”

  1. I always loved getting chips, pop, or big chocolate bars! You felt so wealthy…in candy wealth of course!!! 😀

    I would trade anything for crunchie bars 😀 *yum*

  2. I would always look forward to getting gum in my bag! It was really rare, and I was a HUGE gum-chewer.
    (I know, weird, right?)
    If not gum, then Tootsie Rolls were my second facorite treat. 🙂

  3. I always wanted Snickers or Mr. Goodbars…I would trade a lot for those. I love chocolate! But also loved getting blow pops too!

    Fun Challenge!

    stilettostorytime at gmail dot com

  4. I never really liked chocolate or candies that much, but the one I absolutely can’t live without is Twix. I would always give away all my candies to have everyone else’s Twix bars.

  5. Reese’s cups. My all time favorite. My daughter knows to hide hers from me or they WILL disappear from her bag =)

    You know, my parents never let me go trick or treating as a kid so I couldn’t wait to go with my kids. My daughter was a month old the first time I put a costume on her (she was a bunny rabbit) and took her trick or treating lol….

  6. Ooh I always preferred the chocolate bars. The tootsie rolls went to my mom, the goodies (looked like coloured pills) went to my dad and I ate most of the rest. But I would trade it all for chocolate.

  7. I would trade for anything Reese or crunch chocolate! I love those! YUM!!

    I am a new follower!

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    Ashley’s Bookshelf

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  8. I loved lolly bags, my neighbours used to give these lolly bags with keyrings, lollipops, gummy bears, chocolate bars and everything you can imagine! Last year my brother got this pack of halloween lolly pops in the shape of witches etc. they were the coolest things ever ( and he didn’t even give me one…)


  9. I’ve always loved Reese’s Peanut butter Cups and Snickers trading them for the less worthy Tootsie Rolls. Even now, I put my favs at the bottom of the treat bucket — sorry kiddies.

  10. Ok when I was a kid I loved the Chocolate bars I would never trade them.. But I always traded those little rockets I still hate those blah!!

    Great giveaway!!

  11. Thanks for telling us your trick or treat memory, and I love those buckets! Would have liked to have one 🙁

    My favourite treats were either gummybears (loved all kinds of Haribo candy: the sour cherries, the frogs, the sweet hearts), the Kinder eggs (loved all the suprisese inside) and caramel candies covered in chocolate 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. Oh.. i never went trick or treating when i was a kid… my dad just wont let me go out alone at night.
    But i would loved something tangy : wonka nerds or other sweet and sour stuff xD

  13. I have never ever like Three Musketeers or Milky Ways. I really don’t like them, so they were always the first to get traded. But, I also don’t like any candy that sticks in my teeth. So, Sugar Daddies and other caramel candies were out. I’ve always loved candy with nuts…Snickers, paydays, stuff like that.

    Now I’m hungry!

    mrsderaps @ hotmail . com

  14. For me it was usually just one thing and it was only at one of the houses and it was ghosts or other creatures made out of solid chocolate homemade from one of my neighbors. We always went there first and ate it on the way out and then went by towards the end and begged for a second if there were any left. 😀

    dragonzgoil at gmail dot com

  15. Snickers and Reeses Peanut Butter cups… not because I liked them the best, but because that was my Dad’s “tax” for driving us around all night, so we never got to eat those ones!!!

  16. my favorite candy is 3 muskateers. I could LIVE off that candy!
    Also Snickers and Twix. Anything with chocolate please lol!

  17. Wow! The memories of trick-or-treating when I was younger just came flooding in! After all us kids came back from trick-or-treating, we’d sit in the living room and dump our buckets of candy and I’d always pick out the “Bottle Caps” candy, not a fav or mine. I never really like chocolates. The only thing that I liked of chocolate was the snickers and twix bars. But other than those chocolates I’d always look for the solid candies. Like jolly ranchers, and lifesavers, or candies that you can just suck on for a bit, lol!

  18. My favorite treat was mini snickers. OH My GOSH I loved those and anytime that people gave away potato chips. Those have always been my favorite 🙂

    truthbetold004 at gmail dot com

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