Got Books?: Say Everything (Giveaway)

This weekend (July 23-24), I’m participating in Got Books, a new event organized by Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers and There’s A Book. Got Books is a celebration of book bloggers around the world, “shining a light on their efforts, spreading the word about their sites for future follows on your reading rounds, and hav[ing] a little contest fun along the way!”

So … here’s a warm welcome to readers, both old and new!

Along with this welcome comes the aforementioned contest. As part of Got Books?, I will be giving away one (1) copy of the following book to one lucky participant. You do not have to be a follower of this blog to be eligible! (Though it would obviously be nice…)

About the Book:

Say Everything: How Blogging Began, What It’s Becoming, and Why It Matters by Scott Rosenberg

Blogs are everywhere. They have exposed truths and spread rumors. Made and lost fortunes. Brought couples together and torn them apart. Toppled cabinet members and sparked grassroots movements. Immediate, intimate, and influential, they have put the power of personal publishing into everyone’s hands. Regularly dismissed as trivial and ephemeral, they have proved that they are here to stay.

In Say Everything, Scott Rosenberg chronicles blogging’s unplanned rise and improbable triumph, tracing its impact on politics, business, the media, and our personal lives. He offers close-ups of innovators such as Blogger founder Evan Williams, investigative journalist Josh Marshall, exhibitionist diarist Justin Hall, software visionary Dave Winer, “mommyblogger” Heather Armstrong, and many others.

These blogging pioneers were the first to face new dilemmas that have become common in the era of Google and Facebook, and their stories offer vital insights and warnings as we navigate the future. How much of our lives should we reveal on the Web? Is anonymity a boon or a curse? Which voices can we trust? What does authenticity look like on a stage where millions are fighting for attention, yet most only write for a handful? And what happens to our culture now that everyone can say everything?

Before blogs, it was easy to believe that the Web would grow up to be a clickable TV–slick, passive, mass-market. Instead, blogging brought the Web’s native character into focus–convivial, expressive, democratic. Far from being pajama-clad loners, bloggers have become the curators of our collective experience, testing out their ideas in front of a crowd and linking people in ways that broadcasts can’t match. Blogs have created a new kind of public sphere–one in which we can think out loud together. And now that we have begun, Rosenberg writes, it is impossible to imagine us stopping.


  • This giveaway is open between 12:01am on Friday, July 23rd and 11:59pm on Saturday, July 24th.
  • Open internationally, to anywhere that The Book Depository ships.
  • Winner will be chosen by
  • The winner will be contacted by email and has 24 hours to respond before I select another winner.

How to Enter:

  • Fill out this form. (this giveaway is now closed)

Extra Entries Available:

  • Be an existing follower (+2)
  • Be a new follower (+1)
  • Become a fan on Facebook (+1)
  • Follow me on Twitter (+1)
  • Spread the word about this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, etc. (+1 for each link)

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    1. Indeed, I understand! I just figured that since the events are so close together, it would be nice to give people a shot at the same book. 🙂

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