Drooling Over Bookstores: MacLeod’s Books in Vancouver

Popping into this bookstore earlier today made my week. Seriously.

Here’s what MacLeod Books looks like from the outside. It looks really quaint and full of books, but it’s really just a huge  tease!

(You can click on any of the pictures in this post to see them in full-size.)

Here’s a sneak peak of the inside of the store, looking in from the front door:

And I really do mean a peak, since this is only a couple of shots of the main floor, and there’s more in the basement!

I think I may be in love. Why don’t we have any used bookstores like this in Toronto? Or have I just never seen them before? This place is huge and has books out the whazoo!

7 thoughts on “Drooling Over Bookstores: MacLeod’s Books in Vancouver”

    1. It actually wasn’t too bad! everything was labelled, and when there were piles on the floor, they were with the section they belonged to. I think that gigantic pile in the picture was still to be sorted, but I’m not sure.

  1. The used bookshop in Colombo is nothing nothing like this! its musty, dusty and crammed with books!
    You have to rummage and burrow amongst the books to find them. No neat piles and bookshelves!!! this would be heaven for me as well.

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