Dexter by Design (Review)

Book cover for "Dexter By Design" by Jeff Lindsay.Title: Dexter by Design

Author: Jeff Lindsay

Narrator: Nick Landrum

Publication Year: 2009

Pages: 304 (audio length: 10 hours 38 minutes)

Genre: Fiction

Source: Audiobook  purchased from

From the cover:

After his surprisingly glorious honeymoon in Paris, life is almost normal for Dexter Morgan. Married life seems to agree with him: he’s devoted to his bride, his stomach is full, and his homicidal hobbies are nicely under control. But old habits die hard — and Dexter’s work as a blood spatter analyst never fails to offer new temptations that appeal to his offbeat sense of justice.  Not to mention that his Dark Passenger still waits to hunt with him in the moonlight.  The discovery of a corpse (artfully displayed as a sunbather relaxing on a Miami beach chair) naturally piques Dexter’s curiosity and Miami’s finest realize they’ve got a terrifying new serial killer on the loose. And Dexter, of course, is back in business.

(This is the fourth book in the Dexter series, after Darkly Dreaming DexterDearly Devoted Dexter, and Dexter in the Dark.)

This volume brought the series back to somewhere that I really enjoyed – there was less of the supernatural going on, and more plain-ol’-fun hacking-and-slashing going on. It was really interesting to watch Dexter struggle with his new-found role as Astor and Cody’s stepfather, and try to figure out how he would balance out his Dark Passenger with his stability after the honeymoon. And it was great to see that he still has flaws as a character – much more so than the Dexter in the television series – when he makes some rather huge mistakes.

There were a couple small inconsistencies in Dexter by Design when compared to the other novels. For one, his first victim is referred to as “first nurse”, when she had originally been called “last nurse”. I had assumed that being called “last nurse” was because of her penchant for offing patients in hospices (like Dexter’s foster father, Harry), and I’m not really sure why Lindsay suddenly changed the nomenclature here. I’m not sure whether I would have noticed if there had been more of a gap between reading the other books and this one. As it was, though, I’ve been listening to them back to back, so it was a glaring issue for me.

All in all, though, this was just as great of a book – with the same dark and witty humour – as the others. Like I’ve said in the other reviews, I’m loving the series, and Dexter by Design was a great addition.


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