Coming Soon: Ramadan Reading

In case you missed it – or are a new reader – I’m hosting a month of Islam-related book reviews and discussion posts during Ramadan here on my blog. (Ramadan this year runs from August 11th – September 10th.)

I’ve put out a call for guest posts and reviews already, but I’m still looking for contributors if you’re at all interested. Take a look at the post that I just linked to for more information, as well as the sign-up form.

Finally, I’ve posted a tentative schedule of posts and reviews, which is a “sticky” post that will be staying up until the end of Ramadan. That basically just means that it will be the top post you will see when you hit the main blog page of Reading Through Life. I’ll be updating this page as the month goes along, linking to posts as they go live and updating the plan if books or discussions are added, subtracted, or moved around in the schedule.

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