Club Dead (Review)

Book cover for "Club Dead" by Charlaine Harris.Title: Club Dead

Author: Charlaine Harris

Publication Year: 2003

Pages: 304

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy

Source: Read while hanging out in a Chapters store

From the cover:

There’s only one vampire that cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse is involved with (at least voluntarily) and it’s Bill Compton. But when she catches him in a serious act of betrayal, she’s not sure whether to save him – or sharpen some stakes.

(This is the third book in The Southern Vampire Mysteries series, after Dead Until Dark and Living Dead in Dallas.)

By the time I read Club Dead, I had an image of the main characters in my mind. And really, I think this is the only book-to-tv series where I actually thought they did such an amazing job in the adaptation that I preferred it!

Russell Edgington is seriously creepy in this book, but even more so when you have the mental image of him from the series in your mind. There were a lot of things that were similar between the two, but there were of course bits of the book cut in the series, and bits of the series that were elaborated. There’s a rather important difference between this particular book and the season that covers it in True Blood – namely, the scene after they save Bill from Edgington’s mansion, and he ends up attacking Sookie. In the series, he drains her nearly to death, but in the book? It’s darker than that, and that somehow made it even more heavy and significant for me reading it.

This book is pivotal in understanding the complex dynamics between Sookie, Bill, and Eric, and as such, it’s not one that you can really skip in the series. It also makes it one of my favourites (along with Dead to the World). Everything kind of subtly shifts in this one, and the assumptions that I had about the characters kind of went out the back way.


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