Sunday Salon: “The English Language: Hero or Villain?”
events , the sunday salon , thoughts / April 7, 2013

For many decades and for many people, the English language has been considered the passport to education, diplomacy, business success, political aspiration and cultural cool. But beneath the obvious advantages of this alleged lingua franca, is English actually the villain of the piece? Does it disadvantage and inhibit the bloom and strength of other languages?

Sunday Salon: “Page to Screen to Page”
events , the sunday salon , thoughts / March 24, 2013

Readers are often passionate about how their literary heroes are translated from page to screen, so is it a daunting task for a screen-writer to attempt the adaptation? How to decide what to cut and whose is the vision behind the screen version? After a blockbuster movie, whose is the task of producing a novelisation and how successful are these as works of fiction?

Sunday Salon: “The Blogging Panel”
events , the sunday salon , thoughts / March 17, 2013

Do you blog? Why would you? Who would you write to and is it just another reason to be hooked online rather than talking to people in the room you physically inhabit? Like it or loathe it, there are millions of bloggers worldwide all with a reason to write and, thanks to the worldwide web, with a potentially captive audience.

Sunday Salon: The Armchair Audies, Year 2
events , the sunday salon / February 24, 2013

This will be my second year participating in the Armchair Audies. Last year was the inaugural one, and it was so much fun that I’m very excited to participate again this year. I’ve even read a few of the nominees already! Last year, I read and predicted the Humor, Narration by the Author/Authors, and Audiobook of the Year categories. This year, I’ve decided to read new categories.

Sunday Salon: Bi Visibility and the Literary Other
the sunday salon , thoughts / September 23, 2012

Today, September 23rd, holds a special place in my calendar every year: Celebrate Bisexuality Day. It’s been marked like that for a few years now, and yet I’ve never really “celebrated” it outwardly in any specific way. In a random coincidence this year, though, I looked at my calendar yesterday and realized that my Sunday Salon post would fall on it this week, and that the purpose of the post I was writing was to tell you all about an amazing LGBT-oriented event I’m going to be participating in next month – The Literary Others: An LGBT Reading Event. While looking for some kind of pseudo-official link to direct you towards, I also found out for the first time that CBD is called, in some parts of the world, Bi Visibility Day. I’m going to be honest: I kind of like that name better. I think I might have to change the recurring event in my calendar, in fact. So in the spirit of today, I’m just going to lay this out there for anyone who doesn’t already know: for over half of my life, I’ve identified as “bisexual”. In the last few years, I’ve begun referring to myself as…