Burnt Offerings (Review)

Book cover for "Burnt Offerings" by Laurell K. Hamilton.Title: Burnt Offerings

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

Publication Year: 1998

Pages: 392

Genre: Fiction, Horror, Mystery

Source: Borrowed from the public library

From the cover:

Anita Blake is a vampire hunter. But when someone else sets his sights on her prey, she must save them both from the inferno.

(This is the seventh book in the Anita Blake series, after Guilty PleasuresThe Laughing CorpseCircus of the DamnedThe Lunatic CafeBloody Bones, and The Killing Dance.)

Despite figuring out the werewolf pack politics in the previous book, they still come back to bite Anita in this one. This is probably the book where I started to get really annoyed with Richard. He was always presented as such a good guy before this, and right around now is where it just started feeling like he cared more about himself and appearances than about his pack. I know it’s supposed to be the whole he-doesn’t-accept-his-beast thing, but I think it’s more than that. He starts acting very selfishly in this book, and everyone else suffers for it.

One of the highlights of Burnt Offerings for me was the introduction of Asher. Even though he originally starts out as being the enemy of Anita and Jean-Claude, and I rather disliked all the others that came with him from the Council, he ends up being an alright guy and a complex character that I’m looking forward to seeing more of.

The part of the book that I least enjoyed – but understood its inclusion and the way it contributes to the story and to the character arcs – was the Master of Beasts, his son, and the way they treat the so-far minor characters in the book. I know that it’s supposed to be indicative of the cruelty that can exist in “their world”, but it was just hard to read. Once it was in the past, though, I could see how those events will play an important part in the futures of some of the characters.

Overall, a strong book in the series, though somewhat frustrating from the perspective of someone who was hoping for the interpersonal relationships to start working out more smoothly.


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