Bullet (Review)

Book cover for "Bullet" by Laurell K. Hamilton.Title: Bullet

Author: Laurell K. Hamilton

Publication Year: 2010

Pages: 368

Genre: Fiction, Horror, Mystery

Source: Borrowed from the public library

From the cover:

The Mother of All Darkness – the first vampire – wants to enter into a new human body…and the one she has in mind belongs to Anita Blake.

(This is the seventeenth book in the Anita Blake series, after Guilty PleasuresThe Laughing CorpseCircus of the DamnedThe Lunatic CafeBloody BonesThe Killing DanceBurnt OfferingsBlue MoonObsidian ButterflyNarcissus in ChainsCerulean SinsIncubus DreamsMicah (novella), Danse MacabreThe HarlequinBlood Noir, Skin Trade, and Flirt (novella).)

Ugh. I had hoped that Marmee Noir was gone and done for in Skin Trade, but apparently not. She’s like the villain who never dies.

Most of this book is dedicated to dealing with her attempts to take over Anita’s body. I’ve actually been getting really tired of her character and subplot for a while now, so it was frustrating having to read about her all over again.

I did, however, like the interactions and growing relationship between Anita and Nicky. Also, while I didn’t love the character of Haven, his and Anita’s issues finally come to a head in Bullet, and while it might not have ended as expected, I think that it really had to be that way. It also returns a bit of Anita’s badass-ness, which has been lacking a bit in the last few novels as she’s been kind of passively accepting new lovers that she doesn’t even really want.


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