Book Buying Ban in September

After reaching a realization about the craziness of her TBR shelves, Bella from A Girl Reads A Book is hosting a book buying ban this month.

And since I’ve already spoken at least twice about my ridiculous TBR piles, hosting the Summer Slimdown Challenge (which ends in a few days), and taking part in two different TBR reading challenges, I’m joining in. (I’ve really been joined in since before, but haven’t posted about it until now.)

I don’t know the exact number of unread books that I currently own, but I’m willing to bet that it’s easily somewhere in the 350-400 range at this point.


I’ve adapted Bella’s guidelines a bit for my own purposes, so that I won’t feel too horribly restricted. If this goes well, then I may maintain this book buying ban for a few more months in order to get through more of my unread books and save some money for interesting trips this coming year. <grin>

So, here are my personal guidelines for the book buying ban:

  1. No purchasing of new books for myself, with the single exception being for book club books.
  2. No purchasing of new audiobooks or ebooks for myself, with the single exception being the monthly credit I get for Audible.
  3. No entering giveaways or going to the library “to acquire” books.
  4. No borrowing books from any other source, i.e. family or friends.
  5. No accepting new review books.

Who else is in on this? How are you doing so far?

How the month went:

I somehow managed to do really, really well on this. This is kind of surprising, given my normal book-buying addiction, but also a bit not surprising given how broke I’ve been this month. The only book that I bought for myself this month, that didn’t fit into the guidelines above, was Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. I also accidentally – as in, I did it and then remembered my folly later – asked for a review copy of Homosexuality and Islam, which I have received … in e-book form. So I didn’t quite make it through, but this is much better than I was expecting to be able to do!

Who else took part in this challenge? How did you do?

5 thoughts on “Book Buying Ban in September”

  1. I am on a book buying ban right now too. Mostly because my husband is balking that we are using stacks of books as coffee tables, and he can’t handle seeing more come into the house at this point. I am trying to be good, but it can be so hard!! Good luck with your ban!

  2. i would say i am in, but i would fail out very quickly.

    as soon as i get the no buying books under control, some one drops copies of a series on me…

    good luck, i will watch from the wings and try to take pointers on self control and saying “no”

      1. same here..
        I am proud though.
        i took some books into powells and traded them for store credit… WHICH I SAVED FOR A RAINY DAY!

        i was seating bullets and my fingers itched to grab copies of things i wanted to read.. but i held off.

        perhaps this is the beginning of a new level of self contr- OOH! SHINY!

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