Blood Bank (Review)

Book cover for "Blood Bank" by Tanya Huff.Title: Blood Bank

Author: Tanya Huff

Publication Year: 2006

Pages: 336

Genre: Fiction, Short Stories

Source: E-book

From the cover:

The Blood books center around three main characters: Vicki Nelson, a homicide cop turned private detective, her former partner Mike Celluci, who is still on the force, and vampire Henry Fitzroy, who is the illegitimate son of Henry VIII and makes his living as a writer of bodice rippers. Not only are the three of them caught in a love triangle, but they are, time and again, involved in mysteries with a supernatural slant — from demons, to werewolves, to mummies — and inevitably must join forces to solve crimes and defeat supernatural enemies.

Now all of Tanya Huff’s short stories about Henry, Vicki, and Mike are being released in this collection entitled Blood Bank.

(This is a collection of short stories involving the characters from the Blood Books series.)

I was really looking forward to reading this book. I loved the series, and was excited that I’d get to read more about the adventures of the main characters. I was also, I admit, hoping for a bit more on the romance angle, either between Henry/Vicki or Celluci/Vicki.

Some of the stories were really quite fun. I liked, for example, seeing Henry wander around in high society London, with a daytime butler who liked to lecture him on safety while he saved his friend’s life and then tried to track down someone selling secrets to the French. I also liked one of the stories featuring Vicki, Celluci, and a trip to a resort in the woods to find out whether a river spirit was real or not. The stories weren’t anything all that serious, but they were lighthearted and fun.

To be honest, though, I was also a bit disappointed in Blood Bank. Some of the stories were overly dramatic or sentimental, like the done-to-death Christmas story that casts Vicki as Scrooge. Also, one of the things that bothered me a bit about the series – the sudden changes in setting and time without any clear demarcation – was even more disorienting in short story form. I don’t know if that’s the fault of the e-book formatting or actually a fault within the books in their original form, but it really messed with my reading experience.

Overall, if you read the rest of the series, go ahead and read Blood Bank. It’s a cute addition to the stories of the main characters, though nothing essential.


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