Bloggiesta: The Plan

Natasha at Maw Books is hosting Bloggiesta this weekend. In her words:

Bloggiesta begins now and runs  through Sunday the 23rd (technically the wee hours of Monday morning).  You can really start whenever you want within that time but official hours are 8am to 8am (wherever you are).  The hours spent on the challenge do NOT need to be in a row. Use the entire 72  hour time frame and see what you can do with it.  It’s your call as to how much you want to put into it.  But you have to put something into it or it’s not a challenge.


Plan.  Edit.  Develop.  Review.  Organize.

You can read about my Bloggiesta escapades from June here and here.

Goals for this Bloggiesta:

  1. Leftovers from last Bloggiesta
    • Design business cards
    • Get office space set up to use for bloggingdone @9:15pm Sunday
  2. New tasks
    • Map out possible discussion/non-review posts / work on some series / rainy day posts (
    • Prepare upcoming TLC postsdone @7:32pm Sunday
    • Write post for current blog tour
    • Order/ship any overdue prizes or other mailingsdone @10:34pm Sunday
    • Work out possible plans for attending BEA
    • Revamp sidebar
    • Create a vlog
    • Contact local bloggers
    • Go through Netgalley and clean up requests and reviewsdone @7:42pm Sunday
    • Finish reading book for book club on Saturdaydone @12:15pm Saturday
    • Sign up on this FeedCluster list
    • Figure out my blogging goals for this year
    • Mini-challenges:
      • blogging goals
      • giving a lending hand – skipped, but tried to cheer people on
      • Google Forms – skipped, it’s nothing new for me
      • organize your booksdone and commented on mini-challenge post
      • buttons and banners – skipped, it’s nothing new for me
      • email best practices and solutionsbrushed up on tips, cleaned out my blog email
      • 10 things bloggers should not dodone informally from reading the post
      • Mr Linky – skipped, I prefer using Google Forms or InLinkz
  3. Maintenance tasks
    • Answer emailsdone @9:45pm Sunday
    • Create a posting schedulefinished @5:46pm Sunday
    • Update my reading tracking spreadsheetfinished @5:51pm Sunday
    • Update social network profiles
    • Back up blogfinished @5:03pm Sunday
    • Fix problems with spam check
    • Check and clean up broken links
    • Work on blogger contact list
    • Update delicious links
    • Update blog roll
    • Put out invitations for Reading Roots seriesfinished @1:37pm Friday
    • Follow up on previous invitations for Reading Roots series
    • Set up draft pages for upcoming reviewsdone @7:32pm Sunday
    • Set up scheduled posts for Reading Roots seriesdone @9:42pm Sunday
    • Clean out starred items in Google reader
    • Re-organize folder system in Google reader
    • Clean out inactive feeds in reader / Clean up blog subscriptionsfinished @3:45pm Friday
    • Put away stray books from my bedroom and around the apartment – finished the fiction @8:55pm Sunday
    • Make old challenge pages into archived postscompleted before the weekend
    • Carry over my reviews to my LibraryThing account
    • Revamp my policy pagefinished @9:00pm Sunday
    • Clean up tags and categoriesfinished @5:02pm Sunday

12 thoughts on “Bloggiesta: The Plan”

  1. Wow, that is quite a sweet list! Hope it all gets done. My favorite is “getting office space set up for blogging” I need to do that. My office space has been overrun by junk mail. Yikes!

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