BBAW: Interview with Melody from Melody’s Reading Corner

This week (September 10-14, 2011) is Book Blogger Appreciation Week! BBAW is a week long festival celebrating the community of book bloggers and their contribution to preserving a culture of literacy through book reviews and recommendations, reading reflections, and general bookish chat.  Events include daily blogging topics, blogger interview swaps, special guest posts, and so much more!

Today’s posts for BBAW are interview swaps – bloggers have been paired up with other bloggers to interview each other about pretty much anything we want! I really love interviewing other bloggers, so this is probably my favourite topic for this week. This year, I’m interviewing Melody from Melody’s Reading Corner. Let’s take it away!

Your blog archive goes back all the way to 2006! How did you first get into book blogging? How do you think your blogging has changed over the years you’ve been doing it?

When I first started blogging in 2006, my main purpose is to keep a record on the books I read and what I felt after reading them. I don’t keep a journal and plus, blogging seems fun to me so that was how I started my blog. Initially, I thought it’s wonderful enough to have this little online journal all to myself, until one day a reader left me a comment. It was her comment that inspired me to write better as I felt I not only write for myself but also to readers who may want to know more about the books. And the best thing is, I also get to know many book bloggers along the way and some of them have become my good friends, despite of the physical distance and that we have not even met one another in person! I love that book blogging has not only allowed me to expand my reading horizons but also get to know more readers/book bloggers around the world.

In your “about me”, it says that you’re a working mom, but I can’t seem to find out what you do! (Or maybe I’m just crap at looking … feel free to tell me if that’s the case. Heh.) So … what do you do?

Oops! I need to update the information on that ‘About Me’ column. I’m currently a stay-at-home mom after I quitted my job as a Personal Assistant about three months ago. I was working in the Corporate Communications department and it was a busy, busy environment. As the company has several subsidiaries both local and overseas, you can imagine how busy the department can be, as we not only in charge of the company’s branding/corporate image but also to organise all company’s events too. Beginning of this year, my superior left the company and shortly thereafter, my colleague in the same department left too. Thereafter, there had been a restructuring of the department and let’s just say I wasn’t happy working there so I decided to leave. I supposed the reason why I didn’t update the ‘About Me’ column is because I don’t think I have given up on working, although I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom too. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying every quality time I get to spend with my daughters as who knows when I would start working again.

How has book blogging affected your reading choices?

Book blogging has definitely affected my reading choices. In the past, way before I started blogging, I read mostly romance and thrillers. But after reading so many book bloggers’ recommendations on the books they read and loved, I couldn’t help with the curiosity and pick up the books they read too. It’s a great feeling to explore something new and find out that you ended up loving it!

It looks like you’re participating in some great reading challenges. Have you ever read a book or an author because of a reading challenge that you normally wouldn’t have picked up?

Yes, absolutely! As I mentioned above, book blogging has allowed me to read a variety of books and participating in reading challenges has definitely given me the chance to read more titles, especially by new-to-me authors. One of the best examples I could recall is reading a graphic novel, Chicken with Plums by Marjane Satrapi. I chose this book for the ‘Buy One Book and Read It’ Challenge after reading so many rave reviews on this author.

I love your blog design. How did you decide on it, and how do you think it reflects on what you do on your blog?

Thank you! I found this design when I stumbled on this site called BloggerStyles. It has a huge collection of templates for Blogger layout and I was very glad to be able to find a design which matches my likes (a cup of cappuccino and a journal) . I couldn’t find a better design than that and I think I will continue to use this template for a long time. 

Your review policy says that you don’t read memoirs. (Shocking to me as a memoir lover!) Has this always been the case? Why is it that you don’t like to read them? Are there exceptions to this rule?

I don’t have anything against memoirs, but I’m just not interested in reading them. That said, I think I will make exceptions to memoirs that are inspiring and one that touches the heart.

Where do you think you’ll be taking your blogging over the next year?

I think there won’t be any major changes in my blogging over the next year or so. I will continue to share my thoughts on the books I read and hopefully through my posts will get many readers to read them.

Thanks so much, Melody, for taking part in this interview! Melody also interviewed me, so make sure to pop by her blog today, learn more about me, and show her some comment love!

9 thoughts on “BBAW: Interview with Melody from Melody’s Reading Corner”

  1. Hey, I learned something! I didn’t know Melody had quit working! Not that staying at home means quit working, in fact I think it means you are even busier. I love Melody’s blog, and enjoyed reading both of your interview questions.

  2. Nice interview…great questions.

    I love the scrabble tile theme…so clever.

    I agree that blogging has changed what I read to a certain degree..not totally.


    I had to interview myself since I wasn’t aware of this event until yesterday. 🙂

    Stop by if you like. Have fun…this is great meeting new bloggers and visiting bloggers I already know.

    Silver’s Reviews

    1. It definitely hasn’t changed all of my reading choices, but it affects things nevertheless – sometimes subtly, sometimes with a heavier hand. Usually not for the worse, though!

    1. You, too! I’m impressed by how many bloggers I’m “finding” this BBAW who have been around longer than I have, and yet somehow I hadn’t stumbled on them before.

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