BBAW: Interview with Jill from Rhapsody in Books

This week (September 12-17, 2011) is Book Blogger Appreciation Week! BBAW is a week long festival celebrating the community of book bloggers and their contribution to preserving a culture of literacy through book reviews and recommendations, reading reflections, and general bookish chat.  Events include daily blogging topics, blogger interview swaps, special guest posts, and so much more!

Today’s posts for BBAW are interview swaps – bloggers have been paired up with other bloggers to interview each other about pretty much anything we want! I really love interviewing other bloggers, so this is probably my favourite topic for this week. This year, I’m interviewing Jill from Rhapsody in Books, which has been shortlisted for the Best Eclectic Book Blog category. Let’s take it away!

How many book blogs are in your reader?

I have almost 300 blogs in my reader, although not all of them are book blogs.  Every time I try to pare them back, there is some event, like BBAW, that exposes me to a slew of new, wonderful blogs, and my reader gets swollen again!  It’s too big though and very discouraging – whenever I leave to do some reading, when I come back, the reader is full again!

How do you find time to read blogs, read books, and live “real life”?

I don’t do a good job balancing.  Mostly what I neglect is “real life.”

Has your blog changed since you started it?  If so, how?

My blog was vastly different when I started!  This was previous to Obama’s election, and my husband was traveling a lot for some reason.  So I started putting together collections of political articles and commentaries so he could keep up with what was going on.  After the election, my blog lost its raison d’etre.  But I kept up with group chat on Library Thing, and saw that there was this book blog phenomenon that was growing, and I wanted to jump on the bandwagon.  And since I had already named my blog Rhapsody in Books, maybe subconsciously that’s what I meant to do all along.

What’s your favorite part of blogging?  What’s the hardest part for you?

My favorite part is the community, and the virtual friendships, and the ability to create “on the fly” book-club-like discussions.  The hardest part is keeping up with the reviews and with my three indexes.  I do it for me though, because I have trouble remembering titles and authors, not to mention plots, so it’s necessary, but it’s still a pain!

Tell us about a bookish pet peeve.

Specific Pet Peeve:  Lee Child has his recurrent character Jack Reacher say “back in the day” about 100 times per book.  I want to strangle him.  (And by “him,” it’s not even clear to me whether I mean the author or the character!)

General Pet Peeve:  Trilogy installments that don’t have standalone endings.  It would be one thing if the other installments were released at the same time, but generally they are released a year apart.  Arghhh!

Would you / do you ever see someone reading a book in public and strike up a conversation with them? If so, what was your favourite conversation that came out of it? If not, why don’t you?

I have conversations like that all the time, but only in my head.  My favorite one is when I board a plane.  As I head back to the crowded, uncomfortable economy area, there are invariably people in first class who are reading suspense novels that I have already read.  And it is very, very tempting to offer (or threaten, you might say!) NOT to tell them the ending if they will trade seats with me!  But that’s just my secret fantasy side.  In real life, I’m too shy!

Thanks so much, Jill, for taking part in this interview! Jill and I decided to go with the same questions for both interviews, so make sure to pop by her blog today, learn more about me, and show her some comment love!

11 thoughts on “BBAW: Interview with Jill from Rhapsody in Books”

  1. That is so funny Jill – I can totally picture you chuckling to yourself in the plane. 🙂 You know I remember reading your blog long ago, but I don’t remember how far back it was that I found it. Do you have archive listings so we can go back and read early posts? (I ask that and then shudder, hoping that no one ever thinks to look back at my first few months…)

  2. I enjoyed the first-class spoil-the-ending threat idea! I wonder if it would work? and I agree with your pet-peeve about trilogies/series. Probably why I have read Tana French’s works and few others of those 3-set sets.

  3. I think all our readers are overflowing and will be more so now with BBAW. I love Jill and her blog. That’s such an interesting story about hopping on the bandwagon once the election for Obama was over and she had no reason to post information for her traveling husband.

  4. I know what Jill means with all the blogs in her reader! Just when I think I’ve whittled them down to a manageable level, there’s another great event, and suddenly I’m right back in the chaos where I started. Love the evil airplane fantasy, too. LOL!

    Great interview!

  5. Great interview — very fun to read Jill’s answers. I found your blog via her interview with you and I’m super excited to follow your reviews — you read a lot of things I’m interested in (feminism, Islam, queer issues) — and I’m always in need of more book recs! 😉

  6. I love Jill and her blog. She has challenged me to read some outstanding books I would never have done on my own. Thanks fro the great interview. I now have a new fantasy of my own for the next time I fly.

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