BBAW: Highlights and plans for the future

This week (September 13-17, 2010) is Book Blogger Appreciation Week! BBAW is a week long festival celebrating the community of book bloggers and their contribution to preserving a culture of literacy through book reviews and recommendations, reading reflections, and general bookish chat.  Events include daily blogging topics, blogger interview swaps, special guest posts, and so much more!

Today’s blogging topic is “Future Treasure”, and is explained like this:

We’ve been visiting each other and getting to know each other better…now is your chance to share what you enjoyed about BBAW and also what your blogging goals are for the next year!

What I enjoyed about my first BBAW this year …

  • Being introduced to so many new(-to-me) bloggers! I already had a ridiculously overflowing feed reader, and now there have been even more additions to it.
  • The daily blogging topics! I originally didn’t think that they seemed all that interesting, but found that people could really make them interesting if they were creative. I read lots of really fantastic posts this week, and I’ve barely taken the chip off the iceberg in terms of being caught up on the Mr. Linkys. I’ve still got lots of blogs to visit and posts to read.
  • The sense of community! I really loved popping onto twitter and seeing people talking even more than usual, and especially sharing each other’s posts and interviews. It was really great to see the links between bloggers get stronger than they already were, and to see the real sense of community friendship that was evolving.
  • New people! I’ve already mentioned this above, but it deserves another mention. I met lots of new bloggers (and blog readers) this week that I had never had the chance to encounter before. My subscriber numbers also went way up, which was a nice surprise to see when I logged into feedburner last night. It’s great to know that people are listening to each other’s thoughts and getting into the discussion – I saw way more comments on people’s posts this week than usual, and not just on my own blog.

What my blogging goals are for the next year …

  • I want to keep up the regular posting schedule that I’ve gotten myself into over the last few months. At times, it has seemed like a bit of a burden, but in the overall sense of my life, I’m really liking it! I haven’t had a chance to really write for so long that having a reason to write daily is a really great thing for me. It’s happy-making.
  • I want to make Ramadan Reading into an annual feature. I had so much fun doing it this year, and everyone seemed to enjoy it!
  • Not sure of the feasability of this due to work, but I’d really love to get to attend BEA next spring. We’ll see how this goes depending on where I’m working then (since this particular teaching job is only taking me through until mid-November).
  • I want to become a more active commenter on other peoples’ blogs. I’m really good at keeping up with reading tons of blogs, but I’m a horrible lurker. I’d like to change that a bit and make stronger connections with other people.
  • I want to participate in some more read-a-longs and read-a-thons. I had such a great time with the first read-a-thon I did back in April, and with the first read-a-long I did for Wuthering Heights a while back, that I want to make sure that I keep doing more of these. It’s definitely something that helped me to feel like I was blogging as part of a community and not just dumping my thoughts out into the black hole of the internet.

How about you? What did you enjoy most about this week?

2 thoughts on “BBAW: Highlights and plans for the future”

  1. sadly, I didn’t get to participate in BBAW but after seeing such interesting posts I’m definitely gonna do it next time 🙂
    Same or Ramadan Reading too, which I also enjoyed but didnt do for lack of time. Great goals! I also tend to be a habitual lurker and need to work on being a blog extrovert, lol

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