August Round-Up

This month has been completely crazy, between Ramadan (the month as well as the event I’m currently holding), job hunting, and my partner getting hired by a company across the country from me and getting ready to leave this weekend. I thought that my reading would suffer, but instead, I seem to have gotten some real focus in! I read 19 books this month, more books (and pages – over 5000) than any other month yet this year. So happy about that!

Today, I’m featured over on There’s A Book as part of Danielle’s When I Was Young feature. Make sure to head over there and read a bit about how I got into blogging, some of what I do outside of reading, and my favourite book as a child.

If you’ve somehow missed it, don’t forget to check out the Ramadan Reading event currently happening on this blog, especially this week’s giveaway of your choice of book. There have been lots of book reviews, some guest reviews, and a few guest posts on related topics! I especially liked author Sherry Jones’ post on Monday about the Park 51 mosque: What part of “love one another” don’t we understand?

On an unrelated note, here are some quick links to the blogger interviews I posted this month, in case you missed them:

And finally, you can see what I read this month below. (I’ve decided to stop listing my acquisitions in my monthly round-up posts, since it seems a bit repetitive.)

I had a fantastic time reading this month, and hope that you did, too!

What did I read this month?

Click on the book cover to see the review post for each title.

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