Audiobooks for accessibility

June is Audiobook Month, and Jen over at Devourer of Books has decided to celebrate with her very own Audiobook Week! All of this week, I’m going to be joining in and posting about audiobooks, including reviews, daily topic discussions, and my own ideas about how we can use audiobooks in different ways throughout our daily lives.

For today, I’ve decided to forego the daily topic (an audiobook meme), and instead present my own.

Today’s topic is: Accessibility and Audiobooks

I’ve compiled the following list of links, all of them related to the use of audiobooks in terms of accessibility – for example, for the visually impaired. In doing this, I’ve tried to include a balance of links that give various types of information.

Here’s the list of resources I’ve found so far:

I’m definitely on the lookout for more information on the use of audiobooks as an accessible alternative to print books, though. Have you read anything good on this subject? Come across any interesting links? Share them with me in the comments! I’d love to learn more.

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