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Since I – ever so sadly – cannot attend Book Expo America and the Book Blogger Convention in New York City this week, I’ve decided to join in on a new event … Armchair BEA! Those of us who are participating in Armchair BEA are essentially putting together our own book blogger convention from the comfort of our own homes (or workplaces or wherever else we’ll be). You can read more about Armchair BEA here.

In the spirit of networking, today’s Armchair BEA posts are largely blogger interviews! You can mosey on over to 133ov to read the interview that Vasilly had with me, or over to the main event page to find links to all the other blogger interviews that are being posted today.

Quote from Armchair BEA Central:

One aspect of BEA and BBC that truly makes the event worthwhile is the opportunity to meet blogging friends face-to-face and get to know them outside of the blogging world.  However, just because we are not able to truly meet each other in real life, that does not mean we cannot get to know one another better!

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Tif Talks Books here on my blog. If you haven’t read her blog, I suggest you take a gander over there and look around. Be sure to check out her weekly feature, Fairy Tale Fridays!

And now, on to the interview:

The first thing that I noticed on your blog was the fabulous feature Fairy Tale Fridays. What made you decide to start FTFs? What is your favourite fairy tale that has been discussed so far? What was your least favourite?

I began Fairy Tale Fridays thanks to John Connolly’s The Book of Lost Things.  It’s a book that is deeply inspired by the original tales, including the violence that often accompanies them.  I realized that many of the stories that I was raised with were not the originals.  Fairy Tale Fridays is the perfect way for me to re-discover a few of these tales and explore ones that are new to me, all from a more wise perspective (well, at least I like to think so!).

I have a hard time narrowing down my personal favorite!  I really enjoy Hansel & Gretel and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Then again, I’ve discovered some new takes on the old favorites that I really love too, particularly Rapunzel’s Revenge by Shannon & Dean Hale.

My least favorite?  This one is an easy one!  I really did not care for my most recent pick, The Philosopher’s Stone!  It was simply nothing like I expected and left me utterly confused!

You’re celebrating your 3rd blogoversary soon. Did you always think that you would last this long? When was the first time you realized that you were going to keep going as a book blogger?

I am in the midst of celebrating my 3rd blogiversary!!  When I first began, I had no idea that I would be still writing at Tif Talks Books today, but here I am.  I’ve had bouts of absences thanks to real life, but every time I’m away, I simply miss it!  I’ve discovered that writing has been a great way for me to connect to those like me, despite moving around a lot, and discuss my favorite topic . . . books!  And, surprisingly, writing has been a great release for me!  It relaxes me and I simply love it!  I just wish I had more time for it!

What has been your favourite book so far this year?

The only book that I can think of that could possibly make this rank is The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan.  This book took me by complete surprise and I cannot wait to read the sequel, Dead Tossed Waves.  Now, I just have to get that review published!

Since you started blogging, what have you found to be the most challenging aspect of this hobby of ours?

Time, time, time!  I work full-time, have two kids and a husband with a crazy career, maintain multiple blogs, and have a multitude of other projects always on my plate!  Oh, and I can’t forget the reading!!  I tend to stay up way too late and sometimes have random “sabbaticals.”  I think I’m figuring out a better schedule, but it doesn’t make the balance any easier!

What is the most rewarding part of blogging for you?

By far the best part is talking books with fellow bloggers!  I love the community that I have become a part of and would not trade it for the world!  That alone will keep me around for a while longer!!

9 thoughts on “Armchair BEA: Interview with Tif Talks Books”

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  2. I met Tiff though planning Armchair BEA too. I didn’t realize she’d been blogging so long. That’s awesome! Great interview!

  3. I enjoyed reading the interview (yet another new-to-me blogger) and I enjoyed meeting you through Vasilly’s interview. I am a fellow English teacher and have decided that I must read Readicide over the summer!

  4. I agree with Tif that the book blogging community is great!

    I’m really glad that armchairBEA got started this year!

  5. Thanks everyone for the kind comments and for participating in Armchair BEA!! It was a pleasure meeting you Carina and I look forward to keeping up with you!! 🙂

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