Armchair BEA: Interview with Mari from Bookworm With A View

Since I – ever so sadly – cannot attend Book Expo America and the Book Blogger Convention in New York City this week, I’ve decided to join in on Armchair BEA again! Those of us who are participating in Armchair BEA are essentially putting together our own book blogger convention from the comfort of our own homes (or workplaces or wherever else we’ll be). You can read more about Armchair BEA here.

In the spirit of networking, today’s Armchair BEA posts are largely blogger interviews! You can mosey on over to Cindy’s Love of Books to read the interview she had with me, or over to the main event page to find links to all the other blogger interviews that are being posted today.

Quote from Armchair BEA Central:

One aspect of BEA and BBC that truly makes the event worthwhile is the opportunity to meet blogging friends face-to-face and get to know them outside of the blogging world. However, just because we are not able to truly meet each other in real life, that does not mean we cannot get to know one another better!

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Mari from Bookworm With A View here on my blog. If you haven’t read her blog, I suggest you take a gander over there and look around. She’s hosting an international giveaway during Armchair BEA for a $30 Amazon or Book Depository gift certificate. Mari is currently on a trip to Italy (I’m so jealous!), but will be checking in on comments and blog visitors when she gets back. Let’s give her something absolutely fantastic to return to!

And now, on to the interview:

You’ve lived in a lot of different places – New York, Minnesota, Nebraska are all named on your blog. Why did you move around from these places? Where has been your favourite to live?

My dad’s career moved us from New York to New Jersey, back to New York, then to Minnesota.  I spent 30 years in Minnesota and my family lives there so it’s home.  My husband’s job moved us to Omaha and back New Jersey.  I LOVE living in Northern NJ.

You’ve been a vegetarian since you were in 9th grade! I admire your commitment. My roommate is vegetarian, and back in the fall, I ate strictly vegetarian for a week and was *very* glad to get meat back afterwards. Why did you decide to make this lifestyle choice? What’s the most unexpected thing that has come out of it for you?

I don’t like the taste or texture of meat so it wasn’t a lifestyle change for me.  Would you believe me if I told you that I have never tried anything from water… can’t get over the smell! Becoming a vegetarian was an easy decision, and one my parents were comfortable with letting me make.

I don’t know if this is unexpected but when people learn that I’m a vegetarian they tend to say ‘you don’t look like a vegetarian, you look healthy’.  I’m a health nut who’s constantly looking for new ways to keep my nutrition in check and am always surprised with this statement.  I always want to ask what they think a vegetarian looks like. 🙂

When did you start running? What is your favourite distance to run, and what are you currently training for? (And … whatever possessed you to run an ultra marathon?!?)

I won’t bore people with my running since I blog about it a lot.  The short answer…. I started running when I was a teenager and challenged myself to run a marathon a few years before Oprah made running trendy.  I’m afraid of water so running an ultra marathon is my Ironman.  I just finsihed the ultra a few months ago and am currently reseraching my new challenge, does anyone have an idea for me?

I’m working towards my fourth 10K race in July, a possible 15K race in August (depending on when my flight to the UAE leaves), and my very first half-marathon in Dubai in January. What advice would you give me?

I would tell you to run your first half marathon close to home, running in a climate not similar to where you train can cause issues (ie: dehydration, hills vs flat).  Most importantly, run because you love running and crossing the finishline is more important than the time. 

What do you have against flip flops?

HA – being a runner (see how easy it is for me to bringing running into every conversation?), my feet are always tired so I need support in a shoe.  Flip flops are the worst shoe for the health of your feet!

What made you decide to start a book blog?

I started my blog about 7/8 months before I discovered book blogging.  I was managing a book club in Omaha and was getting ready to move when I started the blog (with the intention of passing along the books read list).   We had a local bookstore called ‘The Bookworm’ and I have a view hence Bookworm with a View!   I thought I would leave the blog with the book club but I didn’t move.  I didn’t intend to blog about books like most book bloggers.  This might be why I have variety.

What was the best experience you’ve had with an author or publicist so far? What was the worst? (You don’t have to name names.)

Last summer was my worst experience, something was promised to me, then my contact moved into a new role and the replacement wouldn’t honor the agreement.  My best experience is by far getting to talk with authors on a regular basis through the Manic Mommies Book Club. It’s such an honor.

What book do you recommend to everyone you know? (or) What book do you think should be required reading for every person?

The book I’m gushing over this year is The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wifes.  It’s a small, powerful book.  Everyone should read Anna Karenina.

You’re participating in quite an eclectic mix of book challenges. How do you decide which ones to join in on and which ones to pass over?

I enjoy learning about different cultures – the challenges I have signed up for are historical or culture/country specific.  I’m always looking for new titles – does anyone have any suggestions for me? 

What has been your favourite blogging memory so far?

This is easy for me to answer!  I LOVE knowing that I have introduced so many bloggers to book blogging.  As mentioned above, I stumbled on book blogging after creating a book blog so I encourage everyone to blog!  I love talking about books, sharing thoughts, ideas, and strengthening friendships.

Thanks so much, Mari, for joining me here for Armchair BEA – especially when you’re so far away, and I was so scatterbrained leading up to this interview!

I’ll have to put my tail between my legs and agree to disagree with you about the joys of flip flops. <grin> Hope you have a great time in Italy, and that you have many more fantastic years of book blogging ahead of you!

4 thoughts on “Armchair BEA: Interview with Mari from Bookworm With A View”

  1. What a great interview and very interesting. I only know one other person in my life that passionate about running, and he lives in CO. I have to disagree about the flip flops, but generally I hate shoes and would rather be barefoot.

  2. Great interview! Mari is one of my favorite bloggers. I love the mixture of books and general life on her blog.

    I totally agree with flip flops- horrible things! But I think so because I hate having that toe-thingie between my toes – it irritates me like mad.

    And I am also a vegetarian. Must do a blogpost soon about vegetarians – people often think we only eat… vegetables! Ha, I should eat more of those. 🙂

    Have fun with armchair BEA, Carina!

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