Armchair Audies 2012: My Predictions

I loved Overreader‘s description of the Armchair Audies so much that I’m stealing it. Here ya go:

It’s Armchair Audies time! What’s that? Never heard of them? Well, they’re new. The Audies are annual “awards recognizing distinction in audiobooks and spoken word entertainment” and are awarded in June. There are 29 categories and 5 contenders in each category, so that’s a lot of audiobooks. Rather more than even an audiobook maniac like myself can handle, so to get a handle on them all, blogger Literate Housewife spearheaded the Armchair Audies. Interested bloggers will listen to everything from one (or more) categories and give their opinions.

This year, for the inaugural event, I’ve been reading(/listening to) books from three Audies categories: Humour, Narration by the Author or Authors, and Audiobook of the Year.

And now … it’s time for me to start making my predictions!

Audiobook of the Year

The nominations in this category are:

My pick: American Gods. Not only is the story amazing, but the ensemble cast of narrators is absolutely fantastic.


The nominations in this category are:

My pick: Shatner Rules, with Bossypants a fairly close second place. Shatner pulls ahead in terms of audio production, in particular due to the format and the sound effects, but also just in the way that he adapted the text to the audiobook format.

Narration by the Author or Authors

The nominations in this category are:

My pick: Beauty Queens. This was probably the hardest category for me to choose. While I enjoyed all of the offerings, Bray stood out with her multiple characters and accents, as well as with the way she played the book “straight” even when it was at its most satirical.

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