And the winner of Say Everything is …

This weekend (July 16-18), I’m participating in Book Extravaganza, a new event organized by Bookworming in the 21st Century and The Neverending Shelf. Book Extravaganza is like a smaller-scale version of Blogmania, but just for book blogs. All giveaways are book-themed in some way.

I’m really jealous of the person who won this giveaway. It’s a book that I’ve had my eyes on for months now, since way before it was released, and I still haven’t read it yet!

(Just in case you’re new around here … I’ve put myself on a semi-book buying ban for the summer and have started my first challenge – the Summer Slimdown – in an attempt to get through some of my ridiculously huge TBR shelves.)

In the meantime, though, I can live vicariously through the person I’ll be sending this to! Don’t fret if that’s not you … I’m giving away another copy of Say Everything this coming weekend, as part of Got Books?, which is yet another crazy book blog giveaway weekend.

And now, without much further ado, let me announce the person’s name who will be receiving this lovely book here:

The winner is …

… Iris of Iris On Books!

Hope you all had as much fun with Book Extravaganza as I did!

6 thoughts on “And the winner of Say Everything is …”

  1. Congrats, Iris of Iris on Books!

    Semi book buying band :0 I don’t know how you do it, even if it’s just semi!

    1. Well … I’m trying to get through a bunch of my TBR pile/list (there’s about 300 books in my house that I haven’t read!). I’m letting myself buy a couple books, like for book club and if something really useful comes up that I know I’m going to read right away.

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