A Week in My Kitchen


In the last few weeks, I’ve re-discovered my love of the kitchen. I’ve been doing a Whole30 Challenge, and I’m feeling much, MUCH better than I was before. I’m less tired, I have more energy, less headaches, and I’m losing weight. To try to keep my momentum going, I’ve decided to start taking photos of the things that I cook (or bake, or prepare, or whatever) each week and posting them here.

Since I’m just starting this week, I don’t have any photos of food yet. But I took a picture of my fully-stocked fridge today after grocery shopping to give you a sneak preview. Here it is!

photo (1)Coming up this week:┬ábreakfast quiches, roast beef, chicken breast, lamb chops, lamb stew, farmer’s pie, and spicy tuna bites, with a large assortment of veggies. I also have plans to make mayonnaise from scratch!

Are you making anything interesting this week? I love to try new things, give me a suggestion!

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