A Week in My Kitchen: June 8-June 14, 2013


I’m still doing the Whole30 Challenge this week, so all of my recipes follow those guidelines! Below are some of the main meals I cooked this week. I usually make fresh food for dinner and then take the leftovers to work the next day (or next few days, if quantities allow). I’ve linked everything up to any recipes that I follow so you can try to make them if you want. I’d always love to hear about something you made this week in the comments, too!

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Balsamic Marinated Roast Beef, Broccoli, and Garlic Mashed “Potatoes”

Please forgive the awful picture – I forgot (or was too hungry) to take a photo when it was nicely on our dinner plates, so this is how the leftovers were packed away for my lunch.

I followed this recipe for the Balsamic Marinated Roast Beef, though I turned out not to have rosemary in the house so I used oregano instead. (It turned out okay, but I’ll definitely try to remember to pick some rosemary up before I try this recipe again!) Once there was half an hour left in the time for the meat, I simply added chopped broccoli florets to the remaining sauce and turned them a few times to coat. Fifteen minutes in, I turned them over to make sure they cooked evenly in the sauce. (Next time, I’ll probably wait until later on as they got a bit soggy.) The recipe worked fine as is, but if you like your meat well done – like I do – then add extra onto the recommended roasting time in the recipe. Mine definitely turned out pink inside.

On the side, I also tried my hand for the first time at Garlic Mashed “Potatoes”. These actually turned out really awesome, especially considering that I didn’t have a mixer to use and did the “food processing” by hand with a fork. I really like garlic, so I used more of that than the recipe called for, and it turned out spectacularly well. If you’re looking at the picture real closely, those green bits are chives – definitely a good addition. I made a double batch of this so that I would have topping for something I made later on in the week, as you’ll see below.

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Brined Chicken Breasts, Spinach, and Red Peppers

Before now, I’d heard of brining – mostly when talking about Thanksgiving turkey – but I’d never tried it myself. Then I saw this fantastic recipe for “The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat Ever” and knew I had to try it. So I did! And it was bloody fantastic. It was the juiciest, yummiest chicken I think I’ve ever had. I also made the dipping sauce (not pictured) that she calls for in the recipe and used it to dip not only my chicken, but some raw sliced red peppers as well.

To go with it, I sauteed some garlic slices in ghee, then threw in a whole whackload of spinach and turned it over once in a while as it wilted. It was much yummier than I remember spinach tasting as a child. And less gooey.

Farmer’s Pie

I really love all kinds of baked meat pies, but I usually avoid them because they a) seem like a lot of work and b) usually come topped with a thick layer of creamy mashed potatoes. But I stumbled on a gorgeous version with mashed cauliflower on the top and decided that it needed to be made. Unfortunately, I didn’t have purple cauliflower like in this beautiful version, but I did manage to make a yummy rendition anyways. I used the original recipe for Farmer’s Pie over here, changing only a few small things. I added mushrooms because they’re uber tasty, I used dried rosemary simply out of necessity, fish sauce instead of worcestershire (since I haven’t managed to find a gluten- and sugar-free version yet), and I substituted some homemade ketchup for about half of the tomato paste called for. Since I know what’s in it (mostly just tomato paste anyways), I figured that it was a safe bet. I also put tiny pats of ghee on top of the “mash” layer to keep it buttery-flavoured. (Apparently I forgot to take a picture of this, but it looked pretty much like the one in the first link, minus the purple on the top.)

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