48 Hour Book Challenge: My (Sort Of) Start Line

The 48 Hour Book Challenge runs this weekend, from June 3-5. Basically, you pick a 48-hour time frame within that weekend and read as much as possible.

My birthday’s on Tuesday, which I’m heading out of town to my parents’ for, so I’m having a party at my apartment on Sunday. (Side note: it’s going to be awesome. I’m having an adult-version of a typical kid’s birthday party … pizza, cake, and loot bags, but with beer! and condoms in the loot bags!) In addition to that, I’m also having a friend from out of town staying at my house all weekend, so chances are that my reading for the read-a-thon will be rather minimal. BUT! I’m going to try anyways.

My official 48-hour “window” this weekend is going to be from Friday at 9pm until Sunday at 9pm, though I’m probably going to be still reading well past that since that’s likely when my weekend will be winding down.

I don’t really have any huge goals for this weekend, but I would like to finish reading at least one review book (that I’m already late on finishing and reviewing … eep!), and maybe one or two of the books that I’d like to review for an upcoming event here in August. Aside from that, I’m just going to wing it!

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