48 Hour Book Challenge: Finishing Line

Well, this weekend definitely did not contain as much reading as I had originally hoped, but that’s okay. I knew it would be a toughie.

I started on Friday morning at 9am and technically continued until this morning at 9am. In reality, I didn’t really read all that much – only 8 hours of reading, plus about 2 hours of blogging, though I think I only get to count one hour of “social media” time. The only book that I finished was Chasing Lolita, which I finally decided to hunker down and get through. My weekend was intensely busy, though, so I’m okay with that. Next year hopefully I’ll have more time to devote to reading.

As a side note, though, and a fantastic end to this weekend, I got my birthday gift from Zaid today! Here it is:

5 thoughts on “48 Hour Book Challenge: Finishing Line”

  1. so how are you liking the kobo?
    i have a kindle2 and find the more i use it the more i like it, though i still read less than 305 of my books through it.

    the kobo looks slick enough that when they hit their second revision, i might be interested.. kind of like the nook. 1st rev always scares me 🙂


    do you find that your reading speed has increased?
    if uninterrupted, a surprising side effect i have seen on my e-reader is about 25-40% increase in speed, but because of the format difference, if i am interrupted often, i reread pages far too often

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