24 Hour Read-A-Thon: Pushing Through Sleepiness

I want to go to bed.

But then … I don’t.

Zaid’s still up with me, hanging out on the other futon in the living room. That’s helping me stay awake, because I’m not as tempted as I would be if I was the only one still up around here.

Just finished Food Rules by Michael Pollan, a super quick read. Took me less than an hour. My patience with novels is waning for the meantime, so I’m tackling Watchmen (Alan Moore) next. Look at me go!

Hour 21 Mini-Challenge:

This one had to do with yoga poses and stretching, things I’ve been doing throughout the day anyways to keep myself from getting too sore in one spot. Yay for me!

Hour 22 Mini-Challenge:

Welcome to the Most Hated Mini-Challenge! No, it’s not the mini-challenge that you hate the most, but one about your most hated characters. I figured by this time in the readathon, if you’re actually still awake and participating, you’re probably hating the readathon right now. And the organizers. And those perky cheerleaders. And yourself for signing up. So, let’s channel that into hating a fictional character, then you can get back to remembering why you signed up – to read!

Here’s what you need to do. Create a post on your blog about your most hated character from a book. Maybe they’re evil, maybe they’re just annoying, or maybe they remind you of your ex. Whatever the reason, just pick someone and then write a post that shares who they are, what book they’re from and the author, and why you hate them.

Right now, my brain is far too fried to think beyond the books that I’ve read over the past 24 hours in response to this challenge. But there was definitely a character in the book I just finished that I could say that I sort of hated!

In November Blues by Sharon Draper, there was a character named Arielle who just rubbed me the wrong way every time she was described or came into the scene. She had been Jericho’s girlfriend at the time when his cousin Josh died, and then she just up and broke up with him because she didn’t want to deal with helping him get through it. After that, she starts dating this football jock and the two of them treat everyone else like utter crud all the time. This includes the two of them pulling a prank on Olivia (a friend of Jericho’s, and someone who Arielle’s boyfriend did something really horrible to a few years before) where they tripped her in the cafeteria and upturned her tray of spaghetti and chocolate milk onto her at the same time. When Arielle’s new boyfriend gets arrested for dealing drugs to elementary school kids from the back of an ice cream truck, suddenly she no longer has any interest in him, either, and soon tries to get back into Jericho’s good graces. He falls for it for a little while, but then sees through her self-centredness when she actually tries to claim that she was there for him and his friend November when she gives birth in the hospital, even though Arielle went home first to change and tidy up her makeup and get into new clothes. She also seriously badmouths Olivia right in front of him, and makes horrible comments about what she would do if she were in November’s place, and it’s just … ugh. Arielle was the epitomy of every air-headed and completely stupid and evil teenage psycho bitches ever known to mankind. She made my skin crawl.

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